Done. Tea Party is over–it was very nice, very fun, and very over!

Whew. As expected all the pomp and circumstance, fluff, and much ado was well received and as soon as the gals hit the door I went on auto pilot. It was really hard to keep from getting bottle necked in front of Fidel’s Cordial Bar. He was a big hit and so were the liqueurs…DSC05047 we could have made one pot of tea! We also had way too much food…but the girls were pleased to dress up, see polished silver, visit, and hear a cellist. I think we had about 50 get here; a few called at the last minute, and some didn’t call at all. It was freezing so the two fireplaces were popular too. Len took lots of photos and I took some but none really turned out…it is hard to take pictures inside because of the back light. Teresa is a fantastic helper….I am glad it is behind us….now ready for next adventure.

DSC_8617 DSC_8612 DSC_8668 DSC_8664

DSC_8672 DSC_8640


One Response to “Done. Tea Party is over–it was very nice, very fun, and very over!”

  1. Party was great Susan! I must admit I didn’t know who that handsome, dressed up man was with the camera…thanks for clearing that up.
    Cats were freaked out though. They didn’t know where to go to hide from all those women! They had my sympathy. And you could have fooled me Susan I thought you DID have a tummy tuck. I just hate all you TALL Gals with all that space to put your tummies in and hide them!
    Did Emmy ever get her own coat back?? Hilarious…I guess red coats all look alike!!
    Great fun..please do it again 🙂

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