Tea Party Preparations, Lunch with Adored Chumettes, and THE Tea Party at last!

This week has been all tea preparations, as if THE Queen herself would be attending! And as a sidebar statement, I still think THE Queen is pretty even with her handbags…although Lou Ann Wadley disagrees vehemently. OK, back to preparations. So… silver polished, skin polished, toes painted, brows plucked, clothes purchased, china & silver highjacked, petit fours and finger sandwiches catered, flowers arranged, linen starched, cordials purchased, and darjeeling brewed! AND I mean brewed. The proprietress at Middleton’s Tea Shop told us to do it ahead and then keep it hot in crock pots….ok…but the brewing had me soooo spooked. Precious Shelley, co-hostess and long-time drinker of fine teas, did the brewing. Thank you God.

I had a spontaneous lunch with little, biddy, armpit friends (called that because they are sooo tiny they fit under my arms), Lolly and Nina. I never get to see them enough and it was good to just have the 3 of us there so we could pick each other’s brainsDSC05034…. Shelley came over Thursday night and we pulled it all together….DSC05040

To me, any house-held event is an occasion to get everything fixed and prettyfied that is normally in shambles…this means getting windows washed, porches power cleaned, new bedding (should someone peak), new chair for bath vanity, new curtains, new UV shades, and the dirt road re-grated. Len doesn’t get it. I should have had a tummy tuck but couldn’t get Len to see how it tied to having a tea party!

Speaking of Len….he is reallllly scaring me. He is being helpful with limited fits. He did balk and carrying out the dining room chairs to the garage until I told him that Shelley’s husband, Tom, polished her silver. That squelched his temporary bitterness. So, he has said he will be the photographer….this is nice. AND he decided on his own to wear LONG pants and a dress shirt. He even wanted to wear a tie….but I nixed that….too much of a good thing, I think.


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