New OLD Cowboy Boots, Chutney Frenzy, and Waaaay Too Much Learning!

IMG_0688Len treated me to very cool, vintage looking, very expensive, cowboy boots. There is a wonderful optical illusion with height–I look thinner! So I guess this means I will be wearing these boots day and night to every kind of occasion. Might as well be known for having bad taste among other oddities. I think Len likes the fact that I tower over him!   

Big highlights for the week: Monthly Library Board Meeting and following an ad hoc committee meeting for planning future space needs. I ended up on a committee that will brainstorm the activities that will drive our space needs. I think that will be interesting. I am definitely NOT running again for Board of Trustees. I will have served 3 terms for 6 years. I believe in term limits.

I mentioned that Len and I went to South Congress to boot shop. Very curious place, me thinks. I am wearing the boots constantly to break them in. It isn’t a good look with cut offs at age 63. I mean really, where to look? Boots, varicose veins, or floppy legs? I feel like I have written this before. So I imagine I’d better check the previous entry.

Tuesday and Wednesday I made chutney. Blueberry chutney is incredible on vanilla ice cream and the lemon chutney is supposed to be fabulous on fish or chicken. I just want to make more and more. This is who I am.DSC_8733

Aaaaand, speaking of who I am. Yesterday I spent the day learning different things in different ways. Becky rounded up a crew to go to Cedarbreak, the local Catholic Retreat Center for an overview of a book called Open the Door: A Journey to the True Self by Joyce Rupp–she is a nun. It is a 6 weeks long prayer guide that has thematic reflection, guided meditation, poetry, questions, and related scripture quotes. I am not, not, not crazy about retreats and usually get very oppositional but for some reason this was just Zennish enough to hook me. Here is the other thing–it used doors as a metaphor and inspired me to pick up my door photo book from UK and Mexico. A year ago I was so into the little essays I wrote about the doors in Chipping Campden…then poof, gone. So I am newly inspired. Now I have to move out of inspiration into creation and continuation!!! Back to the retreat. We responded to these four questions: 1. What needs to be unlocked within me? 2. What doors have I opened in the past? 3. What closed doors were helpful to me? 4. What doors have held me back? I liked making a bulleted list of my responses.

So, after all of that I went to Austin with Shelley for our Gospel Through Jewish Eyes. Learned all about Oral Law—Jesus was considered an observant Jew. I may just write a bunch about this too. Yes, tonight I will do separate entries about this. Anyway, I digress. Main points covered Oral Laws pertaining to the Harvest and the Sabbath. Next week purity and impurity.

Like this wasn’t a lot already! Then the ride home with Shelley-belle, both friend and a real therapist! We were really pinging–deep underground in Random Girl Wonderland. I had major brain fever when I crawled in about 9:00…just sooo much information and all spiritual. My poor head. Glinlevet was required for medicinal purposes.

I must prance around in these wonderful, comfortable boots.


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