Suspicious Gene Pool!

Well, I won’t be braggin’ about my heritage at the next happy hour…we were hillbillies. Brother Bill and I firmly believe we come from the Lost Roanoke Tribe which makes us Black and possibly we could have easily gotten (High English!) into Law School if only we were smarter! These are my Dad’s maternal great grandparents in NC… The dog is sort of an emotional distractor. I hope no one sees this then feels compelled to tell me I am the spittin’ image of Great Grandma Elizabeth! (Well ok, possibly the flashy scarf, droopy bosoms or knarled hands). One of my cousins did a genealogy search some years back–she said she could never get ANY information from our parents’ generation. Fact is they were all verrrrrrrrry closed mouth about our ‘background’. Bros. Bill and I believe from the Maynor closed-mouthedness that he might have been a real naer-do-well. Possibly a horse thief. At any rate, we do know that he liked to party and pick the banjo. The party gene carried through nicely. Maybe this is the point. Perhaps Len and others have been expecting too much from me! Perhaps folks should lower their expectations!



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