Good Friday and I am acting like it isn’t!

Currently, I am insane. I forgot that Teresa, our wonderful housekeeper, comes on Friday and has always come on Friday for 14 years. I tortured everyone by inviting the THS Home Ec teachers for lunch today, yes Friday, at 11:30. DSC05226 So Teresa is moving heaven and earth to clean the house while I fry, yes fry, chickpeas that explode (with vigor) when they are subjected to high heat and oliveoil. That wouldn’t be enough–no I remembered last night as I drove to UT for Gospel class* that I didn’t exactly know where my drivers license was. More than not exactly. I don’t know at all. I remember that I put it someplace special, no not in my wallet, where it is supposed to live. And I remember that I did it very fast. Bad condition for memory retention. Soooooo. I made another error in judgement by telling Len. He has been interrogating me while I am exploding chickpeas and lathering on make up. So at last, he has gone to hunt for the missing license in every shopping center in Central Texas while I vent writing in my journal. I hope I can act and look like Loretta Young when the gals arrive in 15 minutes….sashaying in with my Mediterranean Bulgur Salad….oh yes, better find a way to mention that just recently I have canned/put up 40 pints of various fruit chutneys. That’s pretty Home Ecish and impresses the hell out of me.

I do love that class* at UT. Our professor is so random that I have to listen so intently that blinking of the eyes is not possible. I know nothing, nothing, nothing about the Gospel and so I take a class that is the Gospel Through Jewish Eyes. Oddly, I think I like learning about it all this way. It is sort of conceptual through several filters, historical, Jewish, Christian, and sociological. I like it.

Back to the drivers license. To add insult to injury the Dept. of Public Safety is closed until Monday because of Easter holidays. I think Len will expect me to act like an Observant Jew and walk everywhere rather than to break the law.

Later: Home Ec Reunion was fantastic. We are exactly the same people we have always been…very interesting and very talented women.   DSC05227


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