Sunrise Easter Service, License Located, and the Mean, Meanest Rose

I have spent a good part of my life scoffing at traditions. As a matter of fact, I have worked diligently not to have any Krals’ traditions. I suspect it all has to do with being the child of an alcoholic and most traditional holidays marred with some unpleasant drinking episode. At any rate, I think I have done us all a great disservice. Easter Len and I went to the ‘sunrise’ service which I don’t recall ever doing before. We both really liked it. Then breakfast out at one of the Taqueria’s that have become so popular. By noon I was called to nap with a cat then up for a walk in Georgetown. The San Gabriel Park has a lovely walking IMG_0748trail, about 8 miles. It has a good surface, safe with lots of foot traffic, cyclists, park rangers, emergency phones, and restrooms! Ooooops, I forgot to mention that there was a pretty big snake in the middle of the trail. I digress. The place was LOADED with huge parties. Lots of egg hunts, children attacking pinatas, many BBQs fired up, ducks being fed, etc. All of a sudden, I thought, “Wow, I might be missing something.” So when I got home Len and I instituted a second Easter tradition, the first annual Krals’ Egg Hunt. We reallyLen egg hunting Egg in Shrinethoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Len made everything logical– 5 eggs, all different colors, must find all eggs to discover the prize. His prize was exceptional–“2 months of free Mint”! At first I was puzzled then realized he was treating to about 8 hair appointments at my Austin salon, Mint. What a guy! The prize in Len’s found eggs was generous in spirit: One week of no dishes left in the sink–in light of Len’s generosity, I extended the time to 1 month of no dishes in the sink. Len is a very good sport and is eager to see me happy. I am printing up the photos Len took of me at The Hunt and plastering them all over the house. I am obese and I look like a lady wrestler…a big lady wrestler. A new me will be in the making.

Drivers license located in the pocket of my jacket. Whew. The interrogations have ceased and I am much relieved not have to worry over the misplacement of items. I must actively consider what I am doing–or be in the moment. My head is often in the clouds.

I have been gardening and having battle with a mean, mean rambling rose. Max and I planted it purposely at the end of the grapes so it could serve as the barometer of grape health. I learned that in Italy. It is called “A found Ft Hood Rose”. It has teeth and it likes to bite me.IMG_0740


Ma Jongg on Monday with just Becky and Susan. I enjoyed a creative appetizer endeavor that was pretty darn tasty– Curried Coconut Shrimp Balls and of course a chutney tasting. AND I won two or three times. Always big news for my pitiful ego.

Today dental appointment, quick but wonderful visit with Jackie, then to Georgetown to get new walking shoes. I literally have holes in the soles and blisters too. I really think I may want to move to Georgetown. I think I prefer to live down town, so to speak, in a condo.


One Response to “Sunrise Easter Service, License Located, and the Mean, Meanest Rose”

  1. I know what you mean about wanting to live in a condo close to where one can walk to the store to buy more walking shoes…but giving up your garden???? I don’t know….

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