Girlfriends, Greed as it Relates to Middle Age, Banana Cotton Candy, and More Spring

No question. I loooooove my girl friends. I think I am unusually blessed with many. I know it is true that one really only has a handful of real friends, but still and all, I think I really do have quite a few girl friends with whom I am genuinely connected. What I want crystallized is this: Women, if they allow themselves the privilege, can so figure things out–if they have girl friends. Or maybe it is a way of getting the life context right by sharing it. Whatever the IT du jour is. Men do seem to jump right into just-let-me-help-you-by-telling-you-where-you’ve-erred-in-your-thinking mode. Silly boys. What brought all this on was a lovvvvvvvely breakfast with Laurelyn at the Stagecoach Inn Coffee Shop.

So after breakfast and feeling purged from girl therapy I did a quick drop off at the library, conferred with Marsha about the Homebound Program, faxed the Liability Release Form to Georgetown Rec Center, and checked out more audio books.

As it is such a gorgeous day, I zipped over to Walmart for more of a spring fix with bedding plants and seeds. I visited the Easter discount aisle, after all, now I have a tradition to support! And in the browsing, I had a stimulating conversation with a young woman who BEGGED me–no kidding–to buy the last container of Banana Cotton Candy (BCC) so that she would not be tempted. She gave me an excellent description and assured me that that BCC is really low in sugar…she actually had made cotton candy before (I am full of envy.). So, not to disappoint her and to feed my portly and misguided self, I did buy it and for only $0.50. On sale (50%), as I have mentioned. Once in the car, I ate the entire container–only 1 oz but the size of a boot box–before I got to the first stoplight…A self-regulator, I am not. Yes, it was tasty and only had 50 calories! That is half of a can of Coke or wine for heaven’s sake! And I’m will calling it Health Food…the ingredients follow: Sugar, artificial flavor & artificial colors, and SOY….perhaps I should buy a case…soy, after-all is good for me! I drink soy milk and am proud of it…it almost makes me an environmentalist. So from now on I will try to have a container a day of BCC.

On the drive home I considered breakfast conversation and parallels and implications of giving in so easily to temptation. I really meant to have oatmeal and dry wholewheat toast. Really. They were sold out. So I had scrambled eggs, hash browns, and buttered wheat toast. Then the BCC for my stoplight snack. What does it all mean? Is it because I am 63 and see the biological clock ticking double time? Am I really greedy? Do I really want to look like I work in a washateria, man-handling large, wet, king-sized comforters? When I wasn’t thinking of such things and how God might feel about it all, I took pictures of pretty spring things. Photo of large bottomed cow reminds me not to be excessive about newly-discovered BCC.

DSC05231 DSC05239DSC05250

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