Texas Hold’em and Tamales

Law-sons, Den-tons, and Krals reconvened for 2nd Texas Hold’em tourney last night here at our house. Well not exactly a tournament. Brother Bob received a poker kit for Christmas and so we are all learning. It appears that DSC05301some, Bros. Bill for example, knows more than he lets on and he cleaned our clock on the last hand! He bet his entire stash and won with a Royal Flush–I think. My poker vocabulary is wanting. Words like flop, pocket, river, and turn have no relevance at all to me. Needed is some kind of connection. Fellow players persistently and occasionally patient, as if they are working with a buffoon, correct and prompt me but with little success. I DID win once, however with a kong* of ducks**! My tip for staying in the game: Sit next to spousal unit in order to access community property chips!

BUT, I have discovered several very handy web sites….I am particularly impressed with the chart that shows what wins and the best is a site that provides poker lingo. OMG…it is awesome. I must memorize some of these. I am particularly fond of Oedipus Rex (Q-J), San Francisco Busboy (Q-3: queen with a trey!), and meat hooks (9-9). Poker hands.gif

Oh, we ate vegetarian and pork tamales! Isn’t that a hoot? Also enchiladas, achiote rice, salad, and lemon pound cake….And our favorite poker libations.

* Kong-in Mah Jong 4 of a kind

** ducks=deuces!


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