Birding, Geocaching, San Antonio, and Newly-identified Condition–Transient Global Amnesia! I’ve had it.


Well, this has been a goodish week so far. I left here at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning in order to be on time for my first birding outing at the Gabriel Valley Park in Georgetown. It was very cool and overcast and wisely I decided to wear long pants in case I met up with my arch enemy, poison ivy! There were 6 of us including the guide and his birding associate–both, I want to add, good Aggies. Although there were few birds out I learned a lot…bird things, naturalist things, park things, etc. that Becky will enjoy hearing. Hmmm, the biggies:

  1. The park is a roosting place for turkey vultures–pretty spooky looking in the fog–reminded me of a cartoon.  
  2. Migratory (?) birds can be coaxed out if you play audio of a screech owl.
  3. I now know the critical attributes of worthy birdwatching binoculars…to be purchased later.
  4. There may be a wardrobe shopping outing at REI, Outdoor World, or Academy in my future. I want to look my best for the Black Chinned Hummer.
  5. Geocaching* is very cool. Photos provided.
  6. The iPhone has many cool applications for birding, wild flower identification, and geocaching.

One of my birding mates had a Geomate that she used to identify a geocache right there in the park….OMG. It was so cool. She stuck her hand right in the tree trunk—brave girl, I think–and pulled out a little cylinder wrapped in duct tape. Photos show it all. I am intrigued. After the birding class I had lunch, went to see Date Night, walked 3 more miles, then met Susan for our class on the Historical Perspective of Homosexuality. Drat, the professor never showed up! I am still in a huff. We have been offered a refund, of course, or attend the rescheduled class. As bad luck would have it, I will be in New England when the class reconvenes.

IMG_0782IMG_0781IMG_0783IMG_0785On to San Antonio. It rained the entire time I was home so I couldn’t walk and had to eat a lot! So much for getting thin. Mom and I had a nice visit, lunched out, and received a good report from her doctor. She has lost 5 pounds which is not good. I offered her a trade up to 15 pounds of prime fat. She is interested but we can’t seem to work out the details.

Billy and Mary came over for a visit that I conducted from my bed! When coming in from Mom’s physical, I got drenched….so put my jeans in the dryer and retired for a nap…since they came for a visit, I just stayed in bed. Sort of like holding court.

Later a great dinner with Belinda. She taught me about new condition that I am certain to have or had–Transient Global Amnesia. My plan is to have little cards printed–an idea that has always interested me–. One one side it could say “Pardon my behavior. I have Tourette Syndrome.” The other side of the card could say, “Help me figure all this out–I have Transient Global Amnesia.”


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