On My Own in Mystic

Today was very nice. I like being a tourist. I started by having a much smaller breakfast than I have been eating…only ONE waffle and a bowl of oatmeal. It was almost diet food compared to the B&B food we had last week!

Then on to Wal-Mart so I could get my Calcet (for those pesky leg cramps). There are very few Wal-Marts in Connecticut, which I think, is great…but I did manage to find some sale items. AND, I must have been NUTS….I tried on bathing suits thinking I might burn a few calories at the Inn’s pool. OMG. No one should try on swim gear at a Wal-Mart…they have these horror house mirrors. Surely, my legs aren’t really tufted…I looked like a comforter or the Michelin Tire Boy. Sweet God, can that be Susan Krals? And the new complexion tones…like skim milk. And my shoulders are dimpled. And I was in the women’s department trying on sizes with Xs after the numbers. I am so depressed. I did not buy a suit. Instead I bought 60 bobby pins for a new hair do.

DSC05547“So what do I do now?” I asked. Hmmm. The US Nautilus submarine museum is closed on Monday…well since I was right next to the Naval base; I went to the NEX (known by the Army as the PX) and found some goodies. I did get on the sub finally on the last day before Rhode Island. Noooo, I would not have been a good sailor. Too cramped for a big girl. IMG_0918

Then a tip from a local shop keeper set me out on a great walk of about 4 miles — a park called Bluff Point. I nearly killed myself trying to take this picture with the timer…not an easy task over rocky terrain and cliffs!.



Finally, I discovered a delightful way to spend the rest of the day at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme. Oh glory….it was just perfect. Bottom Line: Home of Florence Griswold and to the painters she took in as lodgers. Later it became known as the Lyme Art Colony starting in the summer of 1900. Her home was the retreat location….it had desirable local subject matter, access from the city via reliable transportation, inexpensive lodgings, a charismatic leader (Henry Ward Ranger), and a sympathetic inn keeper (Florence)! This artist colony is known as the home of American Impressionism. I looooooooved the home, the museum, the museum shop and the docents. I came away feeling like I left my favorite summer camp!


I wish I had taken the time to go earlier so I could prowl around Old Lyme. On my last day of freedom, I went back to Groton to the Coast Guard Academy, tried unsuccessfully for the 2nd time to see the USS Nautilus at the Groton Submarine Base, and had a nice tour of the Lyman Allyn Museum. The only thing I didn’t do that I had done previously in Connecticut was visit the Mashantucket Pequot (A tribe similar to my Lost Roanoke tribe, I think. ) Reservation and Museum. Done. Finished.

At 5:30 I met Dee and Tracey, the trainers, for dinner downtown. Finally I got back in my lodging about 7:30.  


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