Then There Was Rhode Island- 25 Miles by 35 Miles!

Rhode Island Post card.jpgLighthouse Newport, RI.jpg  I used precious, little Garmin GPS to get me to Warwick, RI where the Public Engagement (PE) Institute was scheduled. Since I had 2 days to kill before PE started, I did more tourista things. And I might add, I have seen a lot! I drove over to Oxford to have a quick visit with Carol and Al and it was like I went to a surprise party….Carol had mobilized her troops and probably ruined their Saturday by getting them all over at Kirstin’s for an impromptu cook out. It was great to see all the “KIDS” now in their 30s and 40s along with all their children–and met the newest member of the clan…Giacomo. It was a very stimulating evening! I love that family…it is all for one and one for all. Kirstin et al had a feast prepared. I am still hankering for more of that meat. I must find out about that Tequila marinade.

IMG_0925.jpg IMG_0926.JPG

IMG_0929.jpgIMG_0927.jpgHmmmm, so the next day I went to church in Narragansett, RI and surprised Susan and Mike’s son, Casey. He is the priest at this precious, precious, precious Episcopal Church, St. Peter by the Sea. I also was able to see his precious daughter, Isabelle.

After church, I changed clothes in the parking lot of a state park then headed over the tallest bridge I have ever driven over to Newport. I never screamed, hyper-ventilated, or tried to drive the car off the bridge. usri40926.jpeg  I think I may be getting over some of my phobias. I spent the day touring The Elms and Rosecliff, two of the mansions I had not visited previously. I really liked Rosecliff…it was where the Great Gatsby, True Lies, and Amistad were filmed. newport-mansions-23.jpg I walked miles and miles in stupid shoes again. I wonder why I get blisters?   

On Monday Carol and I met at Providence Place Mall in Nordstrom’s shoe department…then she treated me to a very fun trolley tour

DSC05621.JPGof Providence. All kinds of firsts in Providence and gazillions of Dunkin’ Donuts! We walked up to Federal Hill to our favorite Italian Restorante/Deli for lunch. It was fabulous, of course.

At last Public Engagement started….it was really interesting and focused. At the last minute one of the scribes didn’t show up so I was a substitute scribe….still and all I liked the process and look forward to facilitating one of the focus groups. I say this all the time, MCEC has the most interesting people serving as volunteers. When it was all over, about 8 of us went into Providence for dinner at a terrrrrrrrrrific Italian dinner on Federal Hill!


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