The Return of the Native to New Floors and Tons of Dust!

IMG_0942.jpgLen has moments of great humor. Take the photo for example. When I got off the plane I made my way to the down escalator to the baggage carousel. As I descended, I noted dead ahead, a pair of sandals that I KNEW were Len’s. As Lolly says, Len’s sandals look like tractor tires. Yes. At each level of descent I knew confidently that it was Len….those very nice legs…then voila….Len with a sign– Susan Krals. He said I had been gone so long he doubted we would know each other. Very funny.   

On the ride home he prepared me for the disaster in the living room…all the furniture from the North side of the house stacked and packed in. Dust everywhere. But oh how nice the master looked.



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