Len is 67. Today He Bought a Suit!

IMG_0947.jpg IMG_0944.jpg I admit it. I don’t get it. For 39 years Len has resisted, no, hissy-fit-refused to own a suit. I have more or less diplomatically explained that if one wants to give the illusion of added height, a solid dark suit is preferable to a two-toned sports coat and pants look. No way. I think he likes looking shorter than he is. Pam was the only person who could cajole him into better looking clothes. And she left me. Ok, so what did it? The upcoming college reunion. He looks very, very, very nice. He will, of course, get to wear shorts at the BBQ so college girls can see that he still has exceptional legs. The Big & Tall sign was just too funny to pass up. Len is a good sport.

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