OMG my furniture is Retro and I didn’t even know it!

When did Country French become Retro? Am I that old? I saw that tidbit on the HGTV channel….I have a house full of retro furnishings. I can’t curl up my lip at shag carpeting any more because it is IN, IN, IN. All my brass faucets and wall paper border just date the place more. Who knew. I really need this kind of pressure especially now when Len is feeling like we are dirt poor! So there is little chance I can expand my restoration project for a while.

The house stayed a wretched mess because the painter couldn’t paint the baseboards and Max and Tony couldn’t move the furniture because the paint had to dry and I couldn’t clean because the paint was wet. Cheez. Fortunately, it all came together Sunday morning at 7:00 AM when Max and Tony did move the furniture. It meant no church and three solid days of cleaning. Teresa’s mother fell and broke her hip so I did as much cleaning as I could before the book club here at the house on Tuesday. It was an enormous endeavor. Really, it was like moving.

Monday Len went off to VA on business for 4 days. It was justly deserved that I needed to do all the nasty cleaning since I left him to cope with the floor installation. I really must have been NUTS.

Tuesday arrived, the gals admired my new floors and we had a somber discussion of my selection, Still Alice. I had no idea when I chose the book that so many of us had a very personal connection with Alzheimer’s. It was a very thought provoking and sensitive sharing of experiences. We missed Jean T. This was the first death of a spouse our book club has had.

Wednesday morning Becky and Susan came for their birthday brunch…I made Baked French Toast, Strawberry Romanov, and Fuzzy Navels. It was good to catch up after nearly two and a half weeks. Susan and Bill had been on a 3 week cruise to Spain so she had lots to tell and Becky had completed and graduated from her Master Naturalist Course. After I had a pedicure, Jackie came over for vin and a visit.


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