Vile Virus Takes its Toll.

smallIntestine.gifLen woke up in the middle of Saturday night desperately ill. Desperately. I was compassionate and helpful with clean up…and very clear that I did not want this. He says he hasn’t been sick since 1982 with food poisoning….I really stayed clear of him and washed my hands obsessively. It didn’t work. Monday night I was brutally assaulted with this nasty virus. It was like I had taken a big dose of Syrup of Ipecac. I did loose 3.5 pounds of water. So today I took Susan Lawson’s advice and stuck with the BRAT diet. Hope it helps, I am determined to go to Dallas tomorrow. It was too difficult to organize all this to do it again! Len has recuperated and is excited about his college reunion….He leaves on Thursday morning.



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