Big D: Sally, Jay, Aunt Justine and Cousin Diana

I used to be afraid to drive to Dallas. Fact: I had my last anxiety attack on Central Expressway. I don’t know why I wasn’t killed. It was 4:45 pm, tons of traffic, and I was freakin’ Well, I cheated death and made it homeimages.jpeg breathing in a paper bag. For the record, this occurred in 1985. Nevertheless, I am proud that I have managed that fear. I loooooooove Ginny GPS. And I know if push comes to shove, I can pull over and go insane and someone is bound to aid and assist me. This is called cognitive therapy. Thank you Warren Stewart!

So with all that said, I went to Dallas like I was shootin’ off to HEB in Belton. I don’t even think much about it anymore. I think all the traveling with MCEC has taken the edge off. Granted I still like to be where I am supposed to be by 3:30ish so I don’t have to take on the road rage demons at rush hour.anxiety-traffic.jpg

What is important is that I made it to Dallas without having to call in MedJet to air evacuate me home because of my gastrointestinal ‘situation’. I spent half a day with Jay. He lives in a very cool retirement apartment complex in Richardson. Of course, he has it decorated to the max. He and Cat are trying to fit in. It is hard for him — losing Dan 3 years ago seems like 3 weeks ago to him — even now. DSC05641.jpg DSC05657.JPG He gave me a tour of the facility with running commentary on the furnishings and other residents. Hard to imagine for him in this new environment that he spent a life time buying, fixing, and selling 154 houses and decorating unknown number of residences, nursing homes, hospitals, and doctors’ offices. There you go. This is what it all comes to. I might be getting depressed. Not kidding. Ok, moving on we had lunch at one of his old haunts then drove around his old neighborhoods reminiscing. THIS NEXT BIT IS A BIG DEAL. After 30 years of blatant begging, Jay gave me THE Rams Head lamps. He really is downsizing. I love those lamps.

Then off to Sally and Dick’s casa for great visit. Isn’t it interesting that you meet people in a transient moment and wham there is chemistry and everyone knows it? I loved catching up with Sally and Deborah Ann….I am captivated by their lives. Sally’s farm-in-a pot (Dick calls them the $500.00 tomatoes) and DA’s work! There just wasn’t a lot of time…Sally took us to dinner at their club–I used self restraint and only at a salad and a BLT sandwich…and ONE glass of wine…but my stomach wasn’t ready for even that. So a long night. Sally gave me a quick overview of iMovie and I can’t wait to try that for my journal.

DSC05660.jpg DSC05662.JPG

I also spent time with my precious Aunt Justine and Cousin Diana. Mom always refers to Justine, as ‘a precious girl’. She is living in a lovely nursing home in Frisco now. I am glad we had time together.

So home feeling better but still weak. Len is off in Massachusetts at his college reunion. This is the first he has attended and he will wear his first suit. Pam would be proud. He looks very cute in it….can’t figure out why he has been so damned set against owning a suit. Go figure.


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