Too Much, Too Fast — San Antonio

IMG_0957.JPGDid I dream that I went to SAT? I think this was one of the most discombobulating, fly-by, trips ever. It was crazy. What made it NUTS was going to Austin from SAT on Friday to get my hair done. That was over the top. I didn’t feel like I could cancel at the last minute especially since Edward is generously coming in early this Friday to color my hair prior to California trip. But overall it was just NUTS. I did not spend enough quality time with Mom. Too many errands.

I went to the Pearl Farmer’s Market this morning and bought 10 bunches of beets to pickle tomorrow.   201005292257.jpg

Len kindly lit the propane burner for me. I am afraid of it. More credit for Len…he helped me lay a new rug in the bedroom….for 45 minutes. I made it a hard job. He says, I make all jobs hard. I think that is overstated. IMG_0964.jpg


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