iCal History in the Graveyard and I lost My History Too

Last Portrait I did before My Computer committed suicide

Wicked, wicked technology—and maybe it is wicked that I want it all. Ok, with that said, maybe if I write it out I will understand it and then let it go. Here’s the story. Len does not like for me to take his laptop on business trips, etc. because he sometimes needs it for his work That is fair on his part even though I do leave the Mama Bear (Giant Mac Pro)…but we are entitled to be greedy about whatever we want to be so I will not dwell on that. So he generously buys me a 2nd computer (am obscene household total of 3) so I can have Mama Bear at home and my own Baby Bear for the road. Therein falls the tragedy. Simply stated, my iCal has something like 304,000 entries since 2005. SO? I am busy. This information did not come quickly….Personal Mac Coach, Anna, made an emergency house call and did a lot of work on it–she did what she could but syncing one ancient history from Mama Bear to Baby Bear and to Petite Bear (iPhone) was just too much for MobileMe….sooooo after hours of

Len talking on iChat to his new best friend, Gordon B. (?), I can only resolve calendar fit by erasing my entire history. iCal has gone Biserka Višnjić.*

What do I hate most about it? I don’t have a way to recollect anything and I mean it makes me cry. Literally. I have to know when Pam and Rita died. I have to know when I went where and who I did it with and if I liked it. I have to know where I worked and who I worked with. I feel nearly robbed or like I am signing up for amnesia. Ok, I have my journal now and I won’t be miserable for another 5 minutes. I have cried three times over this.

• More technology whining. Ok, I want to say I am berserk….but I misspell it and when I go to iDictionary all I get is Biserka Višnjić.

I am in a hurry so I settle for Biserka. Then I think what is biserka and do I want to say I am biserka? Hence, I learn from Wikipedia that Biskera is/was a Croatian who won a gold medal in the 1984 Yugoslavian Olympic handball games. For the record, I am not ‘dis-ing’ Biserka. I am proud of her accomplishments and wish someone could use my name in their journal to describe a transient emotional condition…maybe Krålsizçråziski? Oh, I am also furious that I can’t figure out how to do unicode fonts so I can spell words in Slovakian and I don’t have to cut and paste which makes all the spacing screwy. I need wine.


One Response to “iCal History in the Graveyard and I lost My History Too”

  1. Carol Ann Says:

    You just justified my decision NOT to purchase an iPhone. I only need to receive and dial out. Much too technical for my “pea” brain. Love you.

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