I Am Who I Am…Then and Now


Babies are born with temperaments. I am just the person I was when I was 8. I was flashy then and I am flashy now. Many little girls wanted to play house.     I wanted to play house as long as I could be Susan Haywood and wear a lot of jewelry. My favorite costume was to get a lot of Mom’s head scarves and take one corner of each and tuck them into the waistband of my undies….Get a lot of scarves as you are a regular Jezebel. I also liked Jezebel.. but I looooooved Susan Haywood. I remember neighborhood kids playing school which I did reluctantly– but dress up….I loved it. For years I wanted to be a Vargas Pin Up Calendar Girl….Nothing timid about that. And I really liked the idea of being painted on the side of some big bomber. I wonder if that is sicky?   WPAFM164web

Susan & Len Waterford crystal coSCAN0015


2 Responses to “I Am Who I Am…Then and Now”

  1. I really like your story, it made me smile. Reading it made me think of my blog and this project I’m working on..maybe you could check it out? It’s called the History of Nobody http://historyofnobody.wordpress.com

  2. Carol Ann Says:

    Still the same gorgeous woman! Love you. Off to DR in 2 hrs.

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