MCEC Lompoc Training, Dinner–Lavender Wand Making Training!


Dee & Diana are soooooooo good. I love observing–MCEC is really serious about quality control and I get to be the one on the ground watching new trainers. Dee is the veteran and a great role model…Diana is a natural. Sandy S. is our support. She has given me all kinds of tourista tips…and a fine California map to keep! Ginny GPS is fine if you don’t mind not knowing what the rest of the world looks like compared to where you are. Sandy should work for the Chamber of Commerce. We have only 12 participants but they are totally on target and so smart. They will be awesome ambassadors for MCEC.

Last night after training we all went back to our rooms for charging our batteries before dinner…we polled the participants for recommended dining possibilities…and came up with a local Italian place…very, very good. After dinner, we had Lavender Wand Training in my ‘Junior Suite’. I had procured a fair amount of lavender from the training facility and hotel…sufficient for each gal to DSC05753.jpg use in on-site-lavender-wand-making-training. Fortunately, I always carry ribbon and scissors JUST IN CASE I am able to access free lavender. Oh, wine was served. We had some fine laughs and made some nice entry-level wands! DSC05752.jpg


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