Len Arrives and the TOUR de San Francisco Begins!

Len arrived safely with his golf clubs, and my suitcase as well as his….slight issue….he had to pay $100. 00 to get his clubs here even though he was 1st class because I had asked him to bring my steamer trunk with him so I wouldn’t have to lug it around. I will pay for this kindness, of this, I am sure.


We made it to the Marine Memorial Hotel with no difficulty at all. This is big. I am not kidding, what was life like before Ginny GPS? This hotel is not swanky at all, but it is very spacious, very clean, very well located, and very generous with amenities. A huge breakfast is included daily to ‘members’ and a totally free open bar happy hour on 12th floor with spectacular view is also included. I think we may join so we can come back or I can come back. It is literally around the corner from Union Square. Oh, it is only $159.00 a night. This is very reasonable. Our friend, Bill, generously reserved the rooms with his membership for us. Admittedly, I am a hotel snob. I am happiest is something posh…but I am being a good sport and I DO appreciate value on occasion. More money to spend of stuff.

Day 1: Fisherman’s Warf, De Young Museum of Fine Arts (the newest), cable car, Golden Gate Band Festival, and Wicked. We bought a MUNI (?) transportation day pass at Wallgreen’s so we could get around without the car. It was nice and predictable. Len agreed to miss the Impressionism is Born exhibit at the De Young–opting to listen to music at the band festival. We got back in time to spruce up for Wicked. I think Len liked it almost as much as I did…and he didn’t intend to like it either!

DSC05982 DSC05988 DSC06014 DSC05985  

DAY 2: Up early for a breakfast feast fit for farm hands (and hearty girl, Suz). We took the car to Muir Woods as Len had never been there before.  DSC_9803It is exquisite — too shady for great photos although Len won the BIG prize for getting this adorable photo of petite ground vermin….I think it is a ? But oh so cute. Would make very attractive lapel pin if one was an evil taxidermist….

Now this is BIG. After the woods we took a terror-filled ride down into Sausalito. Len had to promise to be hyper-vigilant, but he cheated. I would open my eyes and see him with only one hand on the steering wheel AND looking over the edge. I hate that. So, into Sausalito. Len was out on the street taking photos and I was in shoppe looking at hats, of course. I came out, Len and I walked down the street and some one said, “Susan!”. DSC_9820 DSC_9821 Jumpin’ Jinny, it was Sally H., friend from San Miguel de Allende, who lives in Dallas….tell me it isn’t a small world? We sat with them while they had their lunch. I just love these kind of coincidences. I did know they were going to be in the Bay area, but never could have arranged such a roundevoux. I was nice for Len to meet Dick and just the “Who could imagine?” kind of moment.

Then off to Golden Gate Bridge and Presidio quickie tour before heading back to the hotel. DSC06040 Len humored me, kind of, and let me drag him off to China Town. He feels about China Town like he does Laredo. Zero tolerance, especially when one could be enjoying free happy hour at the hotel. Ok, I am sick and weak, weak and sick. I love things that say, Made in China or Made in Japan or Made in Mexico. I found Mah Jongg jewelry AND a rosary! How’s that for having sharp radar? I am very curious about netsuke carvings. Len won’t have any part of a collection of this nature. I scare him.

We did make it back in time for a relaxing happy hour and now turning in very early. Off to Napa tomorrow.



One Response to “Len Arrives and the TOUR de San Francisco Begins!”

  1. Even more fun when I read about it than live it! It was simply astonishing, and a highlight of an exceptional day. I think Sausalito makes my list of near-perfects and belongs in the “San” category of places I’d like to live. [But I still look like I turned into a lemon after exhibiting finger-pointing shrew-like tendencies at lunch.] Sally

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