Napa Valley Outing

That little GPS can do anything…she just whipped us right out of SF and up to Napa . We were out of there in no time and with no congestion–Len had never been been to Napa before so he was oooing and aaahing all the way. Of course, I acted very ho-hum about it…seasoned traveler that I am…but of course, I was still, DSC06089.JPG albeit internally, wowed too. I stretched emotionally and rode a cable car up to the Sterling Winery for wine tasting. I never screamed and I almost liked it. Len had to sit perfectly still and chant, “Susan is very brave”. Someday he may tire of this required procedure. The weather was perfect and most of the wine was pretty tasty. We bought three bottles…never thinking about how we would get it home..DSC06092.JPG The best of the day was a lovely visit with my 2nd cousin, Trish…Her dad, Larry, my first cousin owns Darms Lane Winery….small and exclusive. It was fantastic sitting there with her sharing family stories. Mom will really want every detail. WE BOUGHT MORE WINE AND A WOODEN CRATE! Ah-oh. Then back to the Marine Memorial Hotel for dinner—maybe the best steak I have ever eaten. Tomorrow we head south to Monterey with a few pit stops along the way.DSC06121.JPG DSC06091.JPG


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