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Musing on Magnificent Monterey

Posted in living to the hilt on June 23, 2010 by drycreekherbs

Len and I drove to Monterey from San Francisco on Wednesday–by way of THE official Apple Campus in Cupertino. Len was frenzied with desire–2 hats and 3 shirts later we tore out of the parking lot for a hilarious misadventure at the Cupertino Soap Company. I DSC06119.jpg  saw this advertisement online and thought I knew what I was looking at and what I was doing! I thought it was the Whole Foods supplier of fine goat milk soap. My first tip that I was in the wrong place was that the facility was a house at the end of a cul d’ sac not a farm with goats!!! So we made the best of it and bought a bunch of soap from a nice lady and her little boy who once had eczema. No goats nor their milk were involved with the production. However, there should be a cairn erected in the front yard of the soap maker whose son is now cured.

DSC06271DSC06191  DSC06293


What can I write, how can I sum it all up, what are the highlights of our 5 days with Tanya and BIll? There is no way to do it all justice. We had such a fantastic time…both of us…Len and Bill are two peas in a pod, could they be twins separated at birth? Tanya is divine, a Home Economist, to show the depth of her capabilities….we know how to make the most of opportunities. We rocked.


  1. Talking, talking, talking
  2. Dinner with Tim (One of Len’s and Bill’s work associates) and his talented and cute wife, Mo
  3. Multiple divine meal preps and equipment demonstrations (Tanya works part time for Williams-Sonoma)
  4. Multiple trips to the post office for shipping newly acquired lootCalligraphy demonstration
  5. Lavender wand production
  6. Glorious ‘field trips and walks with precious Zander and Savannah (standard poodles)
  7. Luscious meals out (Tanya, Zander, Savannah, and I had cream tea at Doris Day’s Cypress Inn. It really is pet friendly.)
  8. Golf, golf, golf, golf at the US Open for Len and Bill, also known as Frick and Frack
  9. Shopping, shopping, shopping in Carmel-by-the-Sea and Monterey

Here is what I know. I am meant to live on the Monterey Peninsula..even more than Santa Barbara. I will be fully satisfied with Monterey, Pacific Grove, and to show how really tough I am Carmel-by-the Sea…ok, regular Carmel too. I adore the weather including the fog. I must figure out a way to do this. I mean it, I am MEANT to live in this magical area.DSC06136.jpg DSC06142.jpg