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What does a Defensive Driving Class have in common with a Weight Watcher’s Class?

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images.jpegPPPPPPPunishment for sins. The Catholics should have a look at the format for these two sessions for penance. This defensive driving class is almost as mind numbing as writing sentences in 3rd grade….

  1. I will not talk in class.
  2. I will not talk in class.
  3. I will not eat cookies.
  4. I will not eat cookies
  5. I will not eat cookies.
  6. I will not speed.
  7. I will not speed.
  8. I will not speed.
  9. I will not speed.
  10. I will not speed.
  11. I will not speed.
  12. I will not speed!
  13. I am soooooooo sorry I talked in class, ate cookies, and speeded. Is that evan a word?