On a Serious Note

I have just finished taking the very long Defensive Driving Online course. I whined about it in an earlier entry. I am going to review my notes then take the exam–of course, I am nervous about taking any kind of exam and especially now because there was so much information covered and frankly it was all very sobering…no pun intended. The content was really what I needed and I think it was better to suffer through it because I thought so much about the content. Especially the donor information*–and the stats regarding alcohol and driving…which I do not do, thank you God. Part of the presentation made me cry. During one of the many, many breaks I took, I went in and seriously reminded Len that I want any usable organs or tissue donated. He get’s it and Scott and White does have my power of attorney and medical preferences. I am worried that my organs might be too old and tough. I hope not.

I am always so glib about my little journal and silly; I admit it. I don’t really want to bare open my soul in my journal because it isn’t under lock and key or buried in an undisclosed bunker, and obviously, it is posted on the internet! Here are some of the reasons I steer away from serious topics–

1. I have some serious character flaws that need not be reviewed even by dear friends and family! In case they hadn’t noticed them previously.

2. The flaws change from time to time…the cumulative factor could put off even dear friends and family…

3. Writing my truth today might not be my truth tomorrow and

4. Maddie Lee taught me never put anything in writing that I wouldn’t want read in court.

• Texans can register to be a certified donor at https://www.donatelifetexas.org



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