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Pretty Quiet Day — Windy Though

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So today I hustled around Lompoc before heading off to San Luis Obispo (SLO). I checked out of the spartan Holiday Inn Express and did a last drive through Lompoc. It kind of reminds me of Copperas Cove only prettier. They have fields and fields of flowers that make driving with the windows down delightful…especially the fields of stock.  


I almost forgot the Mission Purismo which is fantastic. It is really a secret garden not at all the Hollywood version of a mission. I am so glad I decided on a whim to go in. It is the kind of place that you can DSC05877 feel the ghosts but not spooky…the kind of ghosts you would like to have a beer with.


Then off to a place called Morro Bay which was relatively interesting–kind of a Coney Island atmosphere. Not the high end Santa Barbara atmosphere but more like you might see Archie and Ethel Bunker in the cold water taffy shop…and me too of course! It was so windy that I almost lost my super-sized orange hat.

I bravely headed over the mountains, ok hills, to Atascadero to find a lavender farm. It was ok. With a quick stop at Trader Joe’s so I could buy some boxes of organic Mac n’ Cheese then into SLO. I made a special trip so I could visit the Thursday Night Farmers’ Market– it is/was so cool. Every single Thursday they have this 10 block market. It is sort of a fiesta atmosphere…lots of produce, flowers, zealots, food, etc. DSC05916

I am doing Marriott Courtyard Inn hopping. College graduation is happening everywhere so I can only find a room for one night then I have to move on. I kind of like it…but imagine this…each room I have or will stay in before I pick up Len is $150.00 range until the US Open or graduation…then the rooms shoot up to $350-400.00!


Always Wear Shoulder Pads or Big Hats

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This I learned at a Home Ec convention from a workshop speaker! Optical illusions matter…like first impressions! Big girls should (well, at least in the 1970s) wear shoulder pads….It is an optical illusion. Makes your buttocks look smaller. Also big hats work… Well, perhaps some hats are too big…see attached photo. One big wind and I am over the canyon. In fact, as I see it now, I sort of look like Poncho Vila or a modern, Flying Nun. Anyway, dark colors make a difference too. No ruffles if you want your bosoms to look smaller (I like ruffles, so I wear them in spite of mega bosoms.) I might start wearing starched petticoats if they make other parts of me look smaller although it might cause a bit of a stir in Salado. WDSC06088 hat can they do to me? So they talk about about the older woman wearing starched petticoats. In the course of history, worse things have happened.

I Could Live in Santa Barbara

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Santa Barbara is great. Sort of reminds me of San Antonio only better, of course…and sort of like San Diego….and sort of like San Miguel de Allende…Hey, they are all Saint places! Very weird. It took about an hour to get there over very unique terrain…rolling brown hills, farm land, coast land, and fweaky roads. More on my ‘Weanie Index’ later.

So, I did exactly what new MCEC chum, Sandy, told me to do. I went to the Mission, Botanic Gardens, Harbor, and State Street. That gal sent me to all the cool girlee places! I am going to follow her recommendations tomorrow too. I have a zillion photos.


  DSC05774   DSC05767DSC05803   DSC05781  DSC05788

The mission has a very cool chalk gallery on the plaza…see above. I have a thing about cemeteries and gravestones. I get a real sense of what it really all boils down to when I am in a cemetery. ‘Gone but not forgotten’ always gets me. There is a noun, that I can’t remember of course, for those who are caught up in gravestones and such.

The Botanic Gardens were just up the road–lovely variety of several terrains–meadow, redwood, canyon, stream, etc. Also very cool gift shop where I changed clothes after buying the most brazen colors I could lay my hands on. DSC05816 Here is an observation. Never ask a robust, fit person what the lay of the land is like. They think it is all a piece of cake. Nothin’ to it. Ask a winded, dumpy, florid, perspiring, older person if possible. Therein lies an accurate assessment of what you can expect. For a while I thought MedJet would need to air evacuate me out of the canyon…and it was not like the Grand Canyon either. DSC05814 It is hard to trek when you are loaded down with packages. But I KNEW I could be spotted from the air what with my colors! Also, never ask a woman clerk wearing Ann Taylor monochromatic pale pinks what she thinks about the orange hat and periwinkle blue T-shirt combo. No, find someone who looks like Carmen Miranda. She /he will know.

Then to the Harbor for lunch. I found a very quiet outdoor restaurant overlooking the Harbor. After a yummy lunch I walked about 6 miles…and a good thing too since I had ice cream for dessert. Gorgeous architecture, cute shops, and beautiful people. The library was very Hollywood. DSC05834 DSC05843  

I love my life.

MCEC Lompoc Training, Dinner–Lavender Wand Making Training!

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Dee & Diana are soooooooo good. I love observing–MCEC is really serious about quality control and I get to be the one on the ground watching new trainers. Dee is the veteran and a great role model…Diana is a natural. Sandy S. is our support. She has given me all kinds of tourista tips…and a fine California map to keep! Ginny GPS is fine if you don’t mind not knowing what the rest of the world looks like compared to where you are. Sandy should work for the Chamber of Commerce. We have only 12 participants but they are totally on target and so smart. They will be awesome ambassadors for MCEC.

Last night after training we all went back to our rooms for charging our batteries before dinner…we polled the participants for recommended dining possibilities…and came up with a local Italian place…very, very good. After dinner, we had Lavender Wand Training in my ‘Junior Suite’. I had procured a fair amount of lavender from the training facility and hotel…sufficient for each gal to DSC05753.jpg use in on-site-lavender-wand-making-training. Fortunately, I always carry ribbon and scissors JUST IN CASE I am able to access free lavender. Oh, wine was served. We had some fine laughs and made some nice entry-level wands! DSC05752.jpg

Sitting at DFW—One Delayed Flight After Another

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Raw deal. I won’t get into San Jose until 5:00 pm–so I might just stay in San Jose and drive in tomorrow morning but then I would have to get up at the crack of dawn and deal with MAJOR traffic. Update: Actually it was a reeeeeeelly raw deal. I didn’t land in San Jose until 5:15 so I didn’t get out of the rental car lot until 6:00. I need to start believing what I read and am told. It really did take 4 hours to drive from SJ to Lompoc. I was whipped.

Gettin’ Ready for Cali-4-ni-A!

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DSC05700 Morris makes a good nest with my carry-on. I hate packing. Sally H goes away for a month and takes a bag this size. This is just for my cosmetics, jewelry, foot cream, magazines, and tranquilizers. The real suitcase (comparable to a footlocker) will come with Len next week.

I had to take a quick trip to Austin to get the car serviced and my hair colored yesterday. Darlin’ Edward is a champion. Also this week I squeezed in a Silver Jewelry Party at Susan S’s house. DSC05698

I Am Who I Am…Then and Now

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Babies are born with temperaments. I am just the person I was when I was 8. I was flashy then and I am flashy now. Many little girls wanted to play house.     I wanted to play house as long as I could be Susan Haywood and wear a lot of jewelry. My favorite costume was to get a lot of Mom’s head scarves and take one corner of each and tuck them into the waistband of my undies….Get a lot of scarves as you are a regular Jezebel. I also liked Jezebel.. but I looooooved Susan Haywood. I remember neighborhood kids playing school which I did reluctantly– but dress up….I loved it. For years I wanted to be a Vargas Pin Up Calendar Girl….Nothing timid about that. And I really liked the idea of being painted on the side of some big bomber. I wonder if that is sicky?   WPAFM164web

Susan & Len Waterford crystal coSCAN0015