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Commentary on My Mental Illness(es). Is it really a problem? $27,000 to get waxed.

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I cannot pass up opportunities….Santa Fe, MCEC trips, outings to store–you name it and offer it up, I am compelled to do it. I think it is because I might have an Adrenaline Addiction. Ever since I retired I can’t really ‘come down’. I have to keep packing it all in. I feel like I am on a fast moving conveyor belt to dermatitis, dysentery, death. dementia, or disability. I might be weird or is it wired. Since I started taking Beta Blockers my joints hurt, I am tired, and I’m weirder.

I had my brows and upper lip waxed this morning. They charged me $27,000.00. Seemed high. Brows weren’t all that bushy, after all. I knew something was awry when the receptionist said, “Oooops”. When I asked for clarification, she explained that she hit the 000 button instead of delete button. She continued to say she would take care of it ‘later’. Since I had just previously said to tear up my receipts, I decided to stay and get them. I may need to learn to pluck!bxp51811.jpg

MCEC Conference and the Giant Knee.

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flag national harbor.png

National Harbor, MD can be verrrrrrry hot and humid like a pressure cooker. Fortunately we were inside nearly every minute. The MCEC conference is becoming more and more spectacular. This year Dr. Biden, as in VP of AMERICA‘s wife, Dr. Biden, was there along with the elegant Alma Powell, Colin Powell’s wife. Also all the Joints Chief of Staff….do I have my plural s in the right place? Does it matter? Anyway, all these folks were there so we had lots of security.patty with elmo.png web.jpg


Belinda P. and I were roommates–it was great to visit and catch up on subjects we often can’t cover in limited timed opportunities. We are planning a trip to Big Bend in the fall and maybe Santa Fe sooner.

The conference work was more enjoyable than ever…seemed to me it was better organized and more manageable than in the past. I am a grunt worker and that suits me. I did do a mini presentation at their EXPO on digital photo books. Surprisingly there was a good bit of interest…I thought about 75 people but maybe it was more like 50. I am trying to be more conservative. The presentation was come and go so it worked out nicely. In addition, I was part of the Purple Apron Cadre which meant I did introductions, passed out papers and pompoms, and had a ball visiting with buddies. I had a reoccurrence of the Giant Knee Syndrome (GKS) from standing on the concrete floor at the EXPO center for three hours. This means I can’t exercise and will not lose weight. It also means I am walking like Chester in Gunsmoke. Grrrrrrrrrr. mary\.jpg

Coming home I sat next to Mary K from DFW to GRK… she is so busy–I miss our visits and brainstorming……but we crammed in good talk while zipping through the air…

Susan EXPO.jpgDSC06450 DSC06454

Peaches, Pineapple Vinegar, and Salsas!

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IMG_1098DSC06466Still in a frenzy of peach pickin’ and preservin’. I spent years wishing I was trained in some other field besides “Home Economics” as it was called in the olden days. I was probably the worst of all the critics….now, puff, I love everything about the curriculum we used to have. I love what it once was. I love knowing about family dynamics more than any thing…and in my next life that will be my vocation. But maybe in my next life we will all be robots and the dynamics will involve the relationship between bolts and hinges. Anyway, back to Home Ec…I love knowing and learning about living spaces, color, child development, food preparation, and some consumer things….spending mostly.

I recently brewed/fermented some pineapple vinegar to use as a marinade. Len is trying it out on his chicken….he is kindly trying it out for my sake. I make these kinds of things and give them away but I never want to do anything with them….just make them.

I should have had a big fit the day before I went to the MCEC conference. I had sqqqqquuuuuueeeeeezed in the purchasing and the preparing of tomatoes from the Belton Farmer’s Market so I could make, what I consider to be, very good salsa. All done very nicely with little time to spare before I packed. I was using propane, one of my natural enemies, to get the water bath going. And, very foolishly, yes, I knew better, I used a wobbly basket to carry the hot jars into the house. Just as I anticipated, but ignored, all jars fell to the stone walk…and broke into smithereens. DSC06445 I think beta blockers have dulled my senses. My think bubble only said, “I knew better.” No expletives!

Lunch with the Foy and Library Board Doings…

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DSC06441I love Foy. I also love to make Foy crazy. We had a very nice visi and lunch at Adelea’s ..he came early, of course, so I made him sit in the living room and look at my photo books while I combed my wiry hairS…then pushed them (wiry hairS) under my hat. Mostly we talked of SMdA and what we like about it and what we don’t. Mostly we like. I have this sudden idea: I am going to try to find a photography tutor or class while we are in SMdA this year…very cool. I hope I can make that happen.

Business is speeding up on the Library Board…we are collecting RFQs to see about increasing size of the library or building a new library. It is interesting and Bob is helping us to do it the right way.

Bookclub: Is it Supposed to Scare Me?

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fright.jpgBook club this month features Stranger on the Train by Patricia Highsmith. It is an old book…published in the early 1950s, I think. Oh and this tells it all: It was made into a movie by Hitchock….so it is spooky, weird. Twilight-Zone-weird. By the way, just the music from Twilight Zone can nearly make me wet my knickers. The discussion is bound to be terrific. I have decided to start writing about it now but not publish it until the 2nd Tuesday of July when we have book club*. Anyway, here’s a bonus….Lauralyn, hostess and chooser of the book, sent out a checklist to review before we meet! I just had to copy it to put in here. Something else to worry about.


Have you ever interacted with a person, who for no real identifiable reason, caused a chill to go up your spine? My response: Yessssss. Hmmmmn, so I don’t think I am an aggressive narcissist but do have a considerable number of attributes of one with a socially deviant lifestyle! I wonder if this means I can get Shane to prescribe something? What is that continuum like?

Psychopathy Checklist, Robert D. Hare

Factor1: Personality “Aggressive narcissism”

·Glibness/superficial charm

·    Grandiose sense of self-worth

·    Pathological lying

·    Cunning/manipulative

·    Lack of remorse or guilt

·    Shallow affect

·    Callous/lack of empathy

·    Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Factor2: Case history “Socially deviant lifestyle”

·    Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom Yes.

·    Parasitic lifestyle Yes.

·    Poor behavioral control Yes.

·    Promiscuous sexual behavior Extremely unlikely.

·    Lack of realistic long-term goals Yes.

·    Impulsivity Yes.

·    Irresponsibility Yes.

·    Juvenile delinquency I did smoke in high school.

·    Early behavior problems I used to be afraid of rain, does that count?

·    Revocation of conditional release I wonder what this is….? I could have it.

CAUTION: In case you have identified several of your acquaintances, don’t confirm a diagnosis on your own! There are different degrees (I am verrrrrrry interested in the different degrees. Surely, someone would have told me if I am a social deviant…or perhaps there have been inferences that I missed?) and different types.

*Last night we had a hale and hearty discussion of the book. Our conclusion was it was incredibly creepy and a much different book than we have read in the past…that is a good thing. We had this discussion without Lauralyn, our leader for the month, because her dad is ill. She would have been proud of the fervor and pitch of our opining. Hey, I think I might write about expressions that I like to use–fervor and pitch and hale and hearty as examples. Just tried to look those paired words and so far have found nothing that connects them. Odd, like the 50+ vultures I saw on the back road to Killeen.


July 4, 2010: Happy Birthday America. I love you!

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Greeeeeat weekend. Dinner with Susan and Bill with, perhaps, best food I have ever eaten. Susan is a good cook and a healthy cook. If I lived at her house I might avoid cardiovascular disease. We had Garlicky Shrimp, Corn and Blueberry Salad, Roasted Asparagus, and Blackberry Cobbler. I like writing it down in the journal so I can retrieve it. Oh, AND, tasty Stuffed Jalepeno Peppers. S & B have a very good way of making you feel very about being who you are.

Next day…that would be yesterday. After church I came in with the intention of whipping up some Moravian Coffee Cake, because I have never had it in my life. But, I was overcome with exhaustion. Literally and completely. I think that the Prednisone I took last week wiped me out. I laid down with Pussy Boy, Morris, and slept for 5 hours. Hard sleep, very hard, with lots of dreaming. Susan L. tells me I need the sleep when that happens. Up at 5:00 then dressed to go to the Hoelscher Dinner and Fireworks Extravaganza. Len and I think we have been going there for maybe 10 years…quite a few years even before Pam died. It was fantastic–DSC06396.JPG over 100 boats docked beneath the cliff where the house is on Belton Lake. Mike said he had over, get this, 2000 pounds of fireworks! It was spectacular. Also we had fabulous fajitas. Right before the pyrotechnics, we heard a moving rendition of our National Anthem. Here we are out on the cliff-yard and everyone stood up. Very patriotic. Of course, I love seeing Katie and Erik. The connection means everything to me.


DSC06399.jpg fireworks_1_bg_070402.jpg

Fireworks photo courtesy

Curious Cemetery Field Trip with Jackie and BunnIE in Killeen

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DSC06360DSC06366DSC06367  Jackie, my GodDog, BunnIE, and I went to the Killeen City Cemetery to track down a couple of stones that absolutely haunt me….clever use of words, huh? I first noticed both of these stones when I was a smoker and needing to smoke off school property so I would retreat to the nearby cemetery and hot box a couple of cigs in about 5 minutes, pacing all the time. At any rate, they are verrrrrrrrry curious stones, I think. “This Cat Done Gone to the Sandbox” is a favorite. Jackie told DSC06341me about it ages ago and we have had more than a dozen serious “What does it mean?” conversations about it over the years. We are/were so taken with it that we drug one of our big shot, out-of-town, big-dollar, presenters out to the cemetery on the way to the airport for his departure. I don’t think he was as taken with the field trip as we were taking him. I am sure it is one of his more memorable consultations.


I also think the Home Economics Teacher stone is really touching. Obviously– it is, in part, because I was a Home Economics Teacher and I think it is that this is the way she saw her life when it was all said and done. I think she was very proud of her work and I love that for her. One thing I am not doing is ‘dissing’ personal choices. I like that people get what they want in the here and now and in the after….I hope.

I am thinking I might have a contest of epitaphs that friends and family might want me to consider for my stone. I told Len this and he said, “Well, I thought we were going to be buried in the Christ Church Columbarium”. I can see he is already worried that I might pick something like the cat box theme and how it might not be readily appreciated at the church, and that it would be right next to him! (What might folks think? And perhaps, ‘Birds a-feather flock together?”) Of course, if I go first, he might stash me with a wide margin from him…Anyway, so I said, “Oh, no, we can just have my name or whatever at the church, and maybe something interesting somewhere else, like on the side of the road somewhere”. Friend, Jay, always said, he wanted Dan to roll him up in a sheet and leave him at a rest stop. We all loved that story. Dan went first so I imagine Jay will end up with something traditional if his kids have anything to do with it.

So Jackie and I really enjoyed ourselves looking at the very interesting stones and cemetery themes and grave art. I don’t think I have ever seen artificial roses with Mary printed on them before now. We also managed to have a very meaningful conversation about life in general. She is a good friend.DSC06353 DSC06344.jpg DSC06352.JPG