Curious Cemetery Field Trip with Jackie and BunnIE in Killeen

DSC06360DSC06366DSC06367  Jackie, my GodDog, BunnIE, and I went to the Killeen City Cemetery to track down a couple of stones that absolutely haunt me….clever use of words, huh? I first noticed both of these stones when I was a smoker and needing to smoke off school property so I would retreat to the nearby cemetery and hot box a couple of cigs in about 5 minutes, pacing all the time. At any rate, they are verrrrrrrrry curious stones, I think. “This Cat Done Gone to the Sandbox” is a favorite. Jackie told DSC06341me about it ages ago and we have had more than a dozen serious “What does it mean?” conversations about it over the years. We are/were so taken with it that we drug one of our big shot, out-of-town, big-dollar, presenters out to the cemetery on the way to the airport for his departure. I don’t think he was as taken with the field trip as we were taking him. I am sure it is one of his more memorable consultations.


I also think the Home Economics Teacher stone is really touching. Obviously– it is, in part, because I was a Home Economics Teacher and I think it is that this is the way she saw her life when it was all said and done. I think she was very proud of her work and I love that for her. One thing I am not doing is ‘dissing’ personal choices. I like that people get what they want in the here and now and in the after….I hope.

I am thinking I might have a contest of epitaphs that friends and family might want me to consider for my stone. I told Len this and he said, “Well, I thought we were going to be buried in the Christ Church Columbarium”. I can see he is already worried that I might pick something like the cat box theme and how it might not be readily appreciated at the church, and that it would be right next to him! (What might folks think? And perhaps, ‘Birds a-feather flock together?”) Of course, if I go first, he might stash me with a wide margin from him…Anyway, so I said, “Oh, no, we can just have my name or whatever at the church, and maybe something interesting somewhere else, like on the side of the road somewhere”. Friend, Jay, always said, he wanted Dan to roll him up in a sheet and leave him at a rest stop. We all loved that story. Dan went first so I imagine Jay will end up with something traditional if his kids have anything to do with it.

So Jackie and I really enjoyed ourselves looking at the very interesting stones and cemetery themes and grave art. I don’t think I have ever seen artificial roses with Mary printed on them before now. We also managed to have a very meaningful conversation about life in general. She is a good friend.DSC06353 DSC06344.jpg DSC06352.JPG


2 Responses to “Curious Cemetery Field Trip with Jackie and BunnIE in Killeen”

  1. gburg64 Says:

    You keep doing it, Susan…and that means being of great interest to me! I think cemeteries are wonderful places for wandering and reflecting, and I love your views of this one. That such a simple place can feel so profound and affect our thinking is reason enough to visit often. sally

  2. Charles deshazo Says:

    Susan, this is my fathers grave. The story behind ” this cat went to the sandbox” is as follows. My dad use to say, “See you cats at the sandbox”, whenever he would leave his friends at the bar. It was just one of his sayings. He had lots. When he died we decided to put that on his grave not only in remembrance of him, but to reflect his great sense of humor. He was a great and funny guy. That’s the story. I was surprised to see it online. Pretty cool. Take care, charles

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