Bookclub: Is it Supposed to Scare Me?

fright.jpgBook club this month features Stranger on the Train by Patricia Highsmith. It is an old book…published in the early 1950s, I think. Oh and this tells it all: It was made into a movie by Hitchock….so it is spooky, weird. Twilight-Zone-weird. By the way, just the music from Twilight Zone can nearly make me wet my knickers. The discussion is bound to be terrific. I have decided to start writing about it now but not publish it until the 2nd Tuesday of July when we have book club*. Anyway, here’s a bonus….Lauralyn, hostess and chooser of the book, sent out a checklist to review before we meet! I just had to copy it to put in here. Something else to worry about.


Have you ever interacted with a person, who for no real identifiable reason, caused a chill to go up your spine? My response: Yessssss. Hmmmmn, so I don’t think I am an aggressive narcissist but do have a considerable number of attributes of one with a socially deviant lifestyle! I wonder if this means I can get Shane to prescribe something? What is that continuum like?

Psychopathy Checklist, Robert D. Hare

Factor1: Personality “Aggressive narcissism”

·Glibness/superficial charm

·    Grandiose sense of self-worth

·    Pathological lying

·    Cunning/manipulative

·    Lack of remorse or guilt

·    Shallow affect

·    Callous/lack of empathy

·    Failure to accept responsibility for own actions

Factor2: Case history “Socially deviant lifestyle”

·    Need for stimulation/proneness to boredom Yes.

·    Parasitic lifestyle Yes.

·    Poor behavioral control Yes.

·    Promiscuous sexual behavior Extremely unlikely.

·    Lack of realistic long-term goals Yes.

·    Impulsivity Yes.

·    Irresponsibility Yes.

·    Juvenile delinquency I did smoke in high school.

·    Early behavior problems I used to be afraid of rain, does that count?

·    Revocation of conditional release I wonder what this is….? I could have it.

CAUTION: In case you have identified several of your acquaintances, don’t confirm a diagnosis on your own! There are different degrees (I am verrrrrrry interested in the different degrees. Surely, someone would have told me if I am a social deviant…or perhaps there have been inferences that I missed?) and different types.

*Last night we had a hale and hearty discussion of the book. Our conclusion was it was incredibly creepy and a much different book than we have read in the past…that is a good thing. We had this discussion without Lauralyn, our leader for the month, because her dad is ill. She would have been proud of the fervor and pitch of our opining. Hey, I think I might write about expressions that I like to use–fervor and pitch and hale and hearty as examples. Just tried to look those paired words and so far have found nothing that connects them. Odd, like the 50+ vultures I saw on the back road to Killeen.



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