Peaches, Pineapple Vinegar, and Salsas!

IMG_1098DSC06466Still in a frenzy of peach pickin’ and preservin’. I spent years wishing I was trained in some other field besides “Home Economics” as it was called in the olden days. I was probably the worst of all the critics….now, puff, I love everything about the curriculum we used to have. I love what it once was. I love knowing about family dynamics more than any thing…and in my next life that will be my vocation. But maybe in my next life we will all be robots and the dynamics will involve the relationship between bolts and hinges. Anyway, back to Home Ec…I love knowing and learning about living spaces, color, child development, food preparation, and some consumer things….spending mostly.

I recently brewed/fermented some pineapple vinegar to use as a marinade. Len is trying it out on his chicken….he is kindly trying it out for my sake. I make these kinds of things and give them away but I never want to do anything with them….just make them.

I should have had a big fit the day before I went to the MCEC conference. I had sqqqqquuuuuueeeeeezed in the purchasing and the preparing of tomatoes from the Belton Farmer’s Market so I could make, what I consider to be, very good salsa. All done very nicely with little time to spare before I packed. I was using propane, one of my natural enemies, to get the water bath going. And, very foolishly, yes, I knew better, I used a wobbly basket to carry the hot jars into the house. Just as I anticipated, but ignored, all jars fell to the stone walk…and broke into smithereens. DSC06445 I think beta blockers have dulled my senses. My think bubble only said, “I knew better.” No expletives!


One Response to “Peaches, Pineapple Vinegar, and Salsas!”

  1. Ah Susan, stop beta blockers immediately! Expletives were fully warranted! Good story but I was tasting that salsa…!

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