MCEC Conference and the Giant Knee.

flag national harbor.png

National Harbor, MD can be verrrrrrry hot and humid like a pressure cooker. Fortunately we were inside nearly every minute. The MCEC conference is becoming more and more spectacular. This year Dr. Biden, as in VP of AMERICA‘s wife, Dr. Biden, was there along with the elegant Alma Powell, Colin Powell’s wife. Also all the Joints Chief of Staff….do I have my plural s in the right place? Does it matter? Anyway, all these folks were there so we had lots of security.patty with elmo.png web.jpg


Belinda P. and I were roommates–it was great to visit and catch up on subjects we often can’t cover in limited timed opportunities. We are planning a trip to Big Bend in the fall and maybe Santa Fe sooner.

The conference work was more enjoyable than ever…seemed to me it was better organized and more manageable than in the past. I am a grunt worker and that suits me. I did do a mini presentation at their EXPO on digital photo books. Surprisingly there was a good bit of interest…I thought about 75 people but maybe it was more like 50. I am trying to be more conservative. The presentation was come and go so it worked out nicely. In addition, I was part of the Purple Apron Cadre which meant I did introductions, passed out papers and pompoms, and had a ball visiting with buddies. I had a reoccurrence of the Giant Knee Syndrome (GKS) from standing on the concrete floor at the EXPO center for three hours. This means I can’t exercise and will not lose weight. It also means I am walking like Chester in Gunsmoke. Grrrrrrrrrr. mary\.jpg

Coming home I sat next to Mary K from DFW to GRK… she is so busy–I miss our visits and brainstorming……but we crammed in good talk while zipping through the air…

Susan EXPO.jpgDSC06450 DSC06454


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