Commentary on My Mental Illness(es). Is it really a problem? $27,000 to get waxed.

I cannot pass up opportunities….Santa Fe, MCEC trips, outings to store–you name it and offer it up, I am compelled to do it. I think it is because I might have an Adrenaline Addiction. Ever since I retired I can’t really ‘come down’. I have to keep packing it all in. I feel like I am on a fast moving conveyor belt to dermatitis, dysentery, death. dementia, or disability. I might be weird or is it wired. Since I started taking Beta Blockers my joints hurt, I am tired, and I’m weirder.

I had my brows and upper lip waxed this morning. They charged me $27,000.00. Seemed high. Brows weren’t all that bushy, after all. I knew something was awry when the receptionist said, “Oooops”. When I asked for clarification, she explained that she hit the 000 button instead of delete button. She continued to say she would take care of it ‘later’. Since I had just previously said to tear up my receipts, I decided to stay and get them. I may need to learn to pluck!bxp51811.jpg


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