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Back to WORK!

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Being home is such a good thing–I love being gone and I love being home. Ying and yang…that is who I am…hot and cold…on or off!

I am going home tomorrow afternoon so I can take Mom for an unscheduled appoint with Dr. Benson’s nurse practitioner. I pray this is nothing to lose my grip over. Understated.

So, Thursday and Friday I went to work…training of trainers was going on and I am there to let the new recruits know that I will be visiting them during their ‘induction’ year. Yesterday was the first day of the TCI II training of trainers and we are all well acquainted as is evident….Zoe and Sally-belle are perfect for TCI II. Lots of enthusiasm and passion. During the down time I was able to work on the book project for MCEC. It is fun and hopefully, this weekend I will tie it up a bit more.


Home Ec

Zoe brought me this good little article about Home Economics–I love the photo and the content too, of course. I like to say that Martha Stewart is one smart cookie…she took our content and made it into a billion dollar business.

The Land of Enchantment!

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New Mexico Post card.jpegCamel Rock.jpeg

Sunday Belinda and I flew off to Albuquerque, meeting Barbara at the airport…then with Belinda behind the wheel of our rental, we went to Old Town for lunch then more girlee adventures in Santa Fe. We rented an adobe, two-bedroom, townhouse about three blocks from the Plaza. It was cute, Southwestern-Asian, and clean! What more could one ask?

We found Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s so we could supply our campsite (aka the townhouse). Babs, bless her heart, enjoys cooking breakfast so we bought the grub necessary plus some prosecco, wine, coffee, butter, eggs, ginger candy chewies, Vietnamese sesame seed crepes, Nutella, green chilies, etc. All these items I consider standard camp grub.


In need of dinner nutrients, we ate at Maria’s where we enjoyed chili rellenos and only one of the 100 REAL, award-winning Margaritas. I had the frozen version with a subsequent brain freeze—and I drank it slowly.  

By this time I started noticing the unpleasant but familiar stabbing in my intestines…the wicked diverticulitis….or was it the jeans I thought were fitting me, but were in fact working as a waist tourniquet!? I took truckloads of Advil and Emergen-C. OK, no gastro-intestinal details.

Next day—verrrrrrry busy: We had a great, Barbara-prepared breakfast. I limited my sesame seed and green chilies intake. After breakfast, a tradition, I hope, was established. Belinda responded to my call for hair braiding. She did it and did it again and did it again. She even seemed to like it. This is good. It is all part of my new ethnic look and think I might look a little like Pocahontas. DSC06536.JPG

Then a quick road trip to Chimayo where we visited El Santuario de Chimayo, sometimes called Lourdes of America. It was very interesting–all kinds of crutches and braces and religious accoutrements. I found a very nice selection of saint cards too. I just couldn’t pass up St. Liberata (invoked against unwanted suitors and burdensome husbands), St. Joseph of Cupertino (patron of flying), nor St. Bibiana (invoked against hangovers)! It is often said that Chimayo has ‘Holy Dirt’ and you are encouraged to take some–and I did–already nestled onto my den altar…



Suitors And Husbands flying hangover

On the way back to Santa Fe, we fell into what appeared to be a speed trap (4 units waiting and a man holding what looked like a homemade radar gun) by a tribal police force. Seemingly, we were exceeding the posted speed. Hmmm, can’t say for sure. At any rate, the officer, asked for the usual documentation while writing Belinda up….and only at the very end, he voided the ticket with a flair and introduced himself as the Chief of Police. We were gracious and humble and grateful and drove slowly off of the reservation.

At 2:00, we were at the Santa Fe Cooking School where Babs had set us up to do a Restaurant Crawl….or Food Crawl. We went to four different, well-known, local restaurants to meet the chefs. Once there, each offered us a full portion of one of their specialties, paired with a divine beverage! Hmm, hmm, good. The  menu, so to speak, follows: Mini, gourmet, pulled-duck sloppy joes, Halibut Cevache in a corn tortilla shell cup, gazpacho, ruby trout fillet stuffed with lemon and basil (baked in a mud shell) with risotto, and finally an apricot upside down cake made with corn meal. Each stop had a tasty beverage. Divine experience.

DSC06555.jpgDSC06571.JPG DSC06570.JPGDSC06575.jpg


Quickly back to our camp for a siesta. By then my diverticulitis was rockin’. We dressed and attended the Santa Fe Opera’s last performance of the season, The Magic Flute. The setting was exquisite. A lot of lightening in the background and a major cool front blew in. We had done our homework and brought lots of layers to keep warm. I was having huge diverticular discomfort. Home and to bed with a handful of Advil.

Our final full-day was devoted to the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum and shopping after a leisurely breakfast and hair braiding. It was very pleasant and satisfying!. Lots of Loretta Young/Southwest skirts, and cowgirl outfits. The procurement of costumes served as a sign that I was on the road to recovery. O'Keefe brochure.jpeg

I’ve gone in to more detail than I meant…it was fun, fun, fun and a grand, grand outing even with a knot in my guts. It is hard to bring a travelin’ band of amigas down.

Did I dream this? I know I wrote about New Orleans trip but I can’t find it!

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DSC06468Denise M and I went to New Orleans for the Guard and Reserve Conference August 1-4th….I KNOW I wrote about it all…maybe it is on my laptop…if it is–and I find it later– and it may well be more interesting, then I will just merge the two or replace this recollection! I like the ‘adjust time’ button on this software. So I will just adjust the time! We worked in the exhibit hall as vendors for MCEC…very, very busy or absolutely nothing while the participants were in their sessions. I prefer busy. We did get a lot of interest in our GLU kits. At any rate, when it was quiet, Dee and I would take turns checking out the other vendors’ loot…key chains, toothbrushes, flashlights, blinking pins, etc. Cool stuff until you get it home and then it is annoying! I rarely wear pins that blink….but I do like the toothbrushes! And I do like working with Dee…we are a good team! Joan B and Kerrie B were also there but to present not sell/promote products per se. They are lots of fun too. Kerrie and I are trying to get her daughter and my nephew hooked up. It is lots of fun for us…hope the ‘kids’ don’t mind!!! Here is a nice photo of Baby David, as I used to call him 19 years ago!


So when work was over we would crawl back to our hotel….in the blazing, humid heat. Refresh a little then have a nice dinner–we did eat well…Arnauds’s Oceania, hmmm, where else….I can’t remember. But we had lovely seafood and never tasted or worried about the BP oil spill effects. I say that now, perhaps will find out later that I ate too much of a not-so-good thing. I can’t worry over that! Anyway, our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, was on the corner of DSC06508Canal and Bourbon Street so we did take in some of the night sights. Bourbon Street just doesn’t interest me very much. I prefer a glass of wine in a piano bar. Probably listening to Rosemary Clooney, Dorsey Brothers, or Percy Faith. How old am I? OMG!

DSC06492DSC06498 DSC06515

Wedding Dress Day for Katie and Heading out to Santa Fe for a little outing with chums–

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Today was a real high for me….while walking Katie texted me that she and cousin/Godmother, Melissa were having lunch in Salado and could we get together for a chat? The chat ended up being wedding dress selection! I was on the way to Austin for major hair straightening but this was big….She is beautiful and her dress is gorgeous. Melissa, Lacey, Katie’s sister-in-law, and I shed some tears. I have some very cute photos that I am eager to post…but luckily they reminded me not yet! So I am self-regulating….will try to crop out beautiful dress. Pam was right there in my heart today…had to do a little weeping in the car. I am so overwhelmingly grateful to Katie that she let’s me share these special moments. I am blessed….Pam was a great Mom. DSC06528

Tomorrow Barbara, Belinda, and I are zippin’ off to Santa Fe…now I am thinking that I wish we were staying longer. We come home on Wednesday. But true and diligent tourists, we are cramming a lot in…We will go on a ‘food crawl’ sponsored by a local cooking school where you visit 4, I think, well-known eateries for what ever their specialty is…. margaritas, ceviche, verde salsa, or? That same day we go to the Santa Fe opera to see the Magic Flute…and I think we are catching the tail end of the Indian Market. Fun, fun, fun, I hope, hope, hope. We rented a house so that will be a bit of an adventure too.

Whoa Nellie….Slow Down! AKA: How Do I Get Off This Ride?

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Too much, too fast, too late, too soon, etc. Becky R-P, my former college roommate, used to say this when she visited me at my apartment, “Bussssy, busssssy, busssssy”. It wasn’t a compliment. It was because as soon as she would come over I would start to dust or vacuum. Odd, I admit. Well, maybe not all the time, but much of the time. Who knows? I’ve been nuts for awhile now. Fortunately, I do not drink expresso drinks or Red Bull. She also used to tell me in reference to my Peace Corps boy friend from NYC, “Susan, you are completely out of control.” I was. And it was very nice. And, Bob and I still keep in touch.

Ok, where was I? I was ranting about how busssssssy I’ve been. Well, sort of movin’ fast anyway. I have been to New Harbor, Maryland; New Orleans, LA; and San Antonio in 31 days. I think that is busssssssy. AND during this period I have scheduled a trip to Santa Fe next week and San Miguel de Allende in October. I believe I do all this frantic/manic stuff to avoid the here and now. So, I am not all together in denial. I get it, I just choose to move fast and face reality later.

AND I have been starving myself trying to lose weight. AND I have decided to have a Brazilian Blow-out (not to be confused with Brazilian Waxing) and then decided NOT to have a Brazilian Blow-out. I read pages and pages on the internet about it then found out how to make a hair cocktail on the Real Beauty web page which makes my frizzy hair kind of vampy. That’s what I am calling it…and sticking with it, too. So don’t challenge me! I am even ‘raking’ my hair. Sure, …I am 63 years old. No self-respecting 63-year-old would even think of these things. Must be that I didn’t have children so became, instead, self-absorbed. I think it is too late to become Joan of Arc. I just re-read this, I sound very jumpy. Not enough exercise. I cried for 8/10 of a driving-on-IH 35-mile today then decided to get a grip.

Len and I met at the Georgetown Recreation Center tonight…me coming from SAT, Len coming from Salado…we are taking a Photography class together….his birthday present from me. I like our teacher…she is letting us make up our missed classes Len missed while he was in NM testing something about immigration, I missed while I was bussssssssssssy. At last our hay man cut and baled. The pasture looks very tidy again.

DSC_0306 DSC_0304

I will have to figure out how to ‘post date’ journal entries about the MCEC conference and the Guard & Reserve Conference.

Olive Kitteridge: Pulitzer Prize Winner and Our Book Selection for August 2010

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olive-kitteridge-2.jpg I loved this book. Why did everyone think it was depressing? We are who we are. The character Olive is/was much like my late aunt, Babe. (By the way, my Mom says Babe and I are a lot alike. Hmm.) I hadn’t seen my aunt and uncle in years when they visited my Mom and me in SAT. My parents were already divorced. It was kind of like we were on a first date–getting to know each other since it had been years since we had seen each other. Mom was in her bedroom getting dressed and I was entertaining Babe and Alfred in the living room. Again, I had not been around them in years. Not since I was a kid of 12. There was some small talk about about how Babe wanted to redecorate their kitchen. Alfred said, “No way”. Babe said yes, they were going to do it. Alfred said, “NO”! Babe said, “Daaaaaamn your eyes, Alfred Maynor”. No kidding. She meant it, too. I think I almost fainted. I wanted to call 1-800-EXR-CIST. Still and all, I liked Babe. She was who she was. By the way, I think she meant it, too. Alfred proceeded Babe some years earlier in death. I think that is the correct expression. I am gong to FL in October and I think I will check out the grave art. I bet there isn’t much to it. This just goes to show when it is all said and done, no matter how much passion, anger, fervor, etc. you are still dead and it (redecorating the kitchen) didn’t/doesn’t matter. I might be depressed.

Here I am in N’awlins!

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It is HOT, HOT, HOT. How hot? The heat index today is 104 F and the humidity is 40% compared to yesterday’s 60%, Thank goodness the Guard and Reserve conference is in the Sheraton Hotel and we are staying only a couple of quick blocks away at the Astor Crowne Plaza. Dee and I have been busy….in spurts then quiet. But when they come, they come in like a siege. When the participants are in their sessions, Dee and I take turns walking around the Exhibit Hall checking out the loot and in many instances, collecting the loot. I am rich in toothbrushes and stress balls. Dee and I work well together so we have a good time. We have been out on Bourbon Street a couple of nights and briefly….but we have enjoyed the street entertainers and we have had deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious seafood and other creole treasures–red beans & rice, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, shrimp roulade, fried green tomatoes, red fish,etc. l have discovered that I like Blue Moon Beer. I will have to go to a Fat Farm for rehab.

I am exhausted and ready to head for home. My knee is in the 2nd phase of the Giant Knee Syndrome, and is just that–giant again. At least I brought the ugly knee brace. It helps. Fortunately the knee doesn’t hurt at all it just wants to buckle. How boring.

Brother Bill wrote me that Mom has fallen 3 times this week. This is not good. My heart breaks. I know she is worn out. She told me again on the phone that she doesn’t want to make it to 90. She will be 89 on September 23rd.