Here I am in N’awlins!

It is HOT, HOT, HOT. How hot? The heat index today is 104 F and the humidity is 40% compared to yesterday’s 60%, Thank goodness the Guard and Reserve conference is in the Sheraton Hotel and we are staying only a couple of quick blocks away at the Astor Crowne Plaza. Dee and I have been busy….in spurts then quiet. But when they come, they come in like a siege. When the participants are in their sessions, Dee and I take turns walking around the Exhibit Hall checking out the loot and in many instances, collecting the loot. I am rich in toothbrushes and stress balls. Dee and I work well together so we have a good time. We have been out on Bourbon Street a couple of nights and briefly….but we have enjoyed the street entertainers and we have had deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious seafood and other creole treasures–red beans & rice, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, shrimp roulade, fried green tomatoes, red fish,etc. l have discovered that I like Blue Moon Beer. I will have to go to a Fat Farm for rehab.

I am exhausted and ready to head for home. My knee is in the 2nd phase of the Giant Knee Syndrome, and is just that–giant again. At least I brought the ugly knee brace. It helps. Fortunately the knee doesn’t hurt at all it just wants to buckle. How boring.

Brother Bill wrote me that Mom has fallen 3 times this week. This is not good. My heart breaks. I know she is worn out. She told me again on the phone that she doesn’t want to make it to 90. She will be 89 on September 23rd.


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