Olive Kitteridge: Pulitzer Prize Winner and Our Book Selection for August 2010

olive-kitteridge-2.jpg I loved this book. Why did everyone think it was depressing? We are who we are. The character Olive is/was much like my late aunt, Babe. (By the way, my Mom says Babe and I are a lot alike. Hmm.) I hadn’t seen my aunt and uncle in years when they visited my Mom and me in SAT. My parents were already divorced. It was kind of like we were on a first date–getting to know each other since it had been years since we had seen each other. Mom was in her bedroom getting dressed and I was entertaining Babe and Alfred in the living room. Again, I had not been around them in years. Not since I was a kid of 12. There was some small talk about about how Babe wanted to redecorate their kitchen. Alfred said, “No way”. Babe said yes, they were going to do it. Alfred said, “NO”! Babe said, “Daaaaaamn your eyes, Alfred Maynor”. No kidding. She meant it, too. I think I almost fainted. I wanted to call 1-800-EXR-CIST. Still and all, I liked Babe. She was who she was. By the way, I think she meant it, too. Alfred proceeded Babe some years earlier in death. I think that is the correct expression. I am gong to FL in October and I think I will check out the grave art. I bet there isn’t much to it. This just goes to show when it is all said and done, no matter how much passion, anger, fervor, etc. you are still dead and it (redecorating the kitchen) didn’t/doesn’t matter. I might be depressed.


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