Whoa Nellie….Slow Down! AKA: How Do I Get Off This Ride?

Too much, too fast, too late, too soon, etc. Becky R-P, my former college roommate, used to say this when she visited me at my apartment, “Bussssy, busssssy, busssssy”. It wasn’t a compliment. It was because as soon as she would come over I would start to dust or vacuum. Odd, I admit. Well, maybe not all the time, but much of the time. Who knows? I’ve been nuts for awhile now. Fortunately, I do not drink expresso drinks or Red Bull. She also used to tell me in reference to my Peace Corps boy friend from NYC, “Susan, you are completely out of control.” I was. And it was very nice. And, Bob and I still keep in touch.

Ok, where was I? I was ranting about how busssssssy I’ve been. Well, sort of movin’ fast anyway. I have been to New Harbor, Maryland; New Orleans, LA; and San Antonio in 31 days. I think that is busssssssy. AND during this period I have scheduled a trip to Santa Fe next week and San Miguel de Allende in October. I believe I do all this frantic/manic stuff to avoid the here and now. So, I am not all together in denial. I get it, I just choose to move fast and face reality later.

AND I have been starving myself trying to lose weight. AND I have decided to have a Brazilian Blow-out (not to be confused with Brazilian Waxing) and then decided NOT to have a Brazilian Blow-out. I read pages and pages on the internet about it then found out how to make a hair cocktail on the Real Beauty web page which makes my frizzy hair kind of vampy. That’s what I am calling it…and sticking with it, too. So don’t challenge me! I am even ‘raking’ my hair. Sure, …I am 63 years old. No self-respecting 63-year-old would even think of these things. Must be that I didn’t have children so became, instead, self-absorbed. I think it is too late to become Joan of Arc. I just re-read this, I sound very jumpy. Not enough exercise. I cried for 8/10 of a driving-on-IH 35-mile today then decided to get a grip.

Len and I met at the Georgetown Recreation Center tonight…me coming from SAT, Len coming from Salado…we are taking a Photography class together….his birthday present from me. I like our teacher…she is letting us make up our missed classes Len missed while he was in NM testing something about immigration, I missed while I was bussssssssssssy. At last our hay man cut and baled. The pasture looks very tidy again.

DSC_0306 DSC_0304

I will have to figure out how to ‘post date’ journal entries about the MCEC conference and the Guard & Reserve Conference.


One Response to “Whoa Nellie….Slow Down! AKA: How Do I Get Off This Ride?”

  1. Carol Ann Says:

    I’m dizzy from the read. xxoxo

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