Did I dream this? I know I wrote about New Orleans trip but I can’t find it!


DSC06468Denise M and I went to New Orleans for the Guard and Reserve Conference August 1-4th….I KNOW I wrote about it all…maybe it is on my laptop…if it is–and I find it later– and it may well be more interesting, then I will just merge the two or replace this recollection! I like the ‘adjust time’ button on this software. So I will just adjust the time! We worked in the exhibit hall as vendors for MCEC…very, very busy or absolutely nothing while the participants were in their sessions. I prefer busy. We did get a lot of interest in our GLU kits. At any rate, when it was quiet, Dee and I would take turns checking out the other vendors’ loot…key chains, toothbrushes, flashlights, blinking pins, etc. Cool stuff until you get it home and then it is annoying! I rarely wear pins that blink….but I do like the toothbrushes! And I do like working with Dee…we are a good team! Joan B and Kerrie B were also there but to present not sell/promote products per se. They are lots of fun too. Kerrie and I are trying to get her daughter and my nephew hooked up. It is lots of fun for us…hope the ‘kids’ don’t mind!!! Here is a nice photo of Baby David, as I used to call him 19 years ago!


So when work was over we would crawl back to our hotel….in the blazing, humid heat. Refresh a little then have a nice dinner–we did eat well…Arnauds’s Oceania, hmmm, where else….I can’t remember. But we had lovely seafood and never tasted or worried about the BP oil spill effects. I say that now, perhaps will find out later that I ate too much of a not-so-good thing. I can’t worry over that! Anyway, our hotel, the Crowne Plaza, was on the corner of DSC06508Canal and Bourbon Street so we did take in some of the night sights. Bourbon Street just doesn’t interest me very much. I prefer a glass of wine in a piano bar. Probably listening to Rosemary Clooney, Dorsey Brothers, or Percy Faith. How old am I? OMG!

DSC06492DSC06498 DSC06515


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