Wedding Dress Day for Katie and Heading out to Santa Fe for a little outing with chums–

Today was a real high for me….while walking Katie texted me that she and cousin/Godmother, Melissa were having lunch in Salado and could we get together for a chat? The chat ended up being wedding dress selection! I was on the way to Austin for major hair straightening but this was big….She is beautiful and her dress is gorgeous. Melissa, Lacey, Katie’s sister-in-law, and I shed some tears. I have some very cute photos that I am eager to post…but luckily they reminded me not yet! So I am self-regulating….will try to crop out beautiful dress. Pam was right there in my heart today…had to do a little weeping in the car. I am so overwhelmingly grateful to Katie that she let’s me share these special moments. I am blessed….Pam was a great Mom. DSC06528

Tomorrow Barbara, Belinda, and I are zippin’ off to Santa Fe…now I am thinking that I wish we were staying longer. We come home on Wednesday. But true and diligent tourists, we are cramming a lot in…We will go on a ‘food crawl’ sponsored by a local cooking school where you visit 4, I think, well-known eateries for what ever their specialty is…. margaritas, ceviche, verde salsa, or? That same day we go to the Santa Fe opera to see the Magic Flute…and I think we are catching the tail end of the Indian Market. Fun, fun, fun, I hope, hope, hope. We rented a house so that will be a bit of an adventure too.


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