Back to WORK!

Being home is such a good thing–I love being gone and I love being home. Ying and yang…that is who I am…hot and cold…on or off!

I am going home tomorrow afternoon so I can take Mom for an unscheduled appoint with Dr. Benson’s nurse practitioner. I pray this is nothing to lose my grip over. Understated.

So, Thursday and Friday I went to work…training of trainers was going on and I am there to let the new recruits know that I will be visiting them during their ‘induction’ year. Yesterday was the first day of the TCI II training of trainers and we are all well acquainted as is evident….Zoe and Sally-belle are perfect for TCI II. Lots of enthusiasm and passion. During the down time I was able to work on the book project for MCEC. It is fun and hopefully, this weekend I will tie it up a bit more.


Home Ec

Zoe brought me this good little article about Home Economics–I love the photo and the content too, of course. I like to say that Martha Stewart is one smart cookie…she took our content and made it into a billion dollar business.


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