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What Was I Thinking?

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I started writing this about a month ago….I can’t exactly remember what it was about but I had these numbered sentences….what is written in italics is what I think today? Do I even think today?
1. When I don’t hear from someone for a very long time, I look in the newspaper obituaries. Well this is scary. Who haven’t I heard from? Sally has been in Tibet and China so not her….Most of my life long friends are just that and mostly they don’t live around here and I rarely here from them. When I do, we just pick up where we left off. I like that.
2. I am exactly the same person I was when I was 15 and that really bums me out. That in itself is pretty interesting, I think. But what is really interesting, is that I am seeing that whole life implication! I think that maybe it is a facet of wisdom. Not to enter a ‘deep’ place, as Lolly calls it when she has no idea what I am talking about…but maybe as we get older we do make spontaneous connections over all kinds of trivialities that happened decades before….that would be called connecting the dots. Very cool. Actually it might be kind of subliminal issue/attribute/state of being that has a made a sudden significant hit on the neural interstate. Dang, that is deep. 201010191150.jpg Ok, but back to being just like the person I was when I was 15. I still get stuck on the same kinds of things. I remind myself of being at a school dance. I am just as weird now as I was then. I even aspire for the same kinds of things. This could make for a good therapy session. Why did Warren S have to retire? This brings to mind another place in time and this is pretty funny to me. Thirty eight years ago right after I had been married one year. I only knew Len 3 weeks when we decided to marry….anyway….I was 100% nuts. I was living in Germany, disconnected from significant family and friends, I was sort of a hippie cum officer’s wife…not a good blend, I might add. Anyway, I confided to my only friend in Germany that I thought I was crazy (after anxiety attack #1). She worked in mental health somehow….anyway, she said, “You aren’t crazy, you are depressed. See a therapist.” So I did in Wiesbaden. I tell you I loved that man. I would go in there and weep and carry on. Finally months into this, I looked up out from my dripping hanky to see that my therapist was dozing! He was asleep. You know, that really jerked me out of that spot. I thought, well, it can’t be too serious. I got better fast. Would that be cognitive therapy?

A Good End to a Lousy Week

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Ok, I am gettin’ a grip…and it is about time. I have been grouuuuuuuchy. This hair business has really been grim. Some observations follow:

  1. “It is a very interesting color.”
  2. “I think you qualify as a hair victim.”
  3. “You can wear a bandana.”
  4. “Were you out in the rain? Your head rusted!” This unsolicited comment from a Walmart greeter!

So this week was hellish and overbooked. All because I am compulsive and afraid I will miss something if I don’t say yes to all opportunities. Friday I did another digital photo book class for the Salado Library. Only 4 participants and that is the perfect number actually. Friday I was dressed and spiffed up as much as one can be wearing tons of make up to compensate for orange hair and ready with computer bag in hand. Got in my car and the battery was extra dead. OK, I am wearing big girl panties, I can cope. So I unloaded by gear and got in Len’s farm truck sans air conditioning–complete with dirt and leaves as he believes farm trucks should never have windows up. Hmmmmm. This will be all his fault if I think about it hard enough! Yes, and of course, he is still in AZ so he can’ rescue me like knights are supposed to do. I’m digressing. So, I get there and call AAA from the truck to come jump start my car. That was good thinking and done strictly on my own. Momentary gloating. The class went well and the AAA ├╝ber towing vehicle was right on time and started the car presto. I love a man with 30 foot jumper cables.

Saturday I moved from victim to proud winner. I only made $36.00 selling lavender at the Farmers’ Market but $36.00 is more than I had before. There just weren’t many folks out–maybe because of the flood. Anyway, I loooooove selling stuff. I should have been in retail. Reminds me of Stephanie when she says, “I know retail.” Anyway, I packed up most of my wares then asked new chum, Jennifer to watch my table so I could go home and cut the brownies for the library’s Death by Chocolate event. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have participated but there weren’t too many people signed up and I feel like I need to support the library as a Board member even if it isn’t always convenient. Because I was in such a hurry, I hacked up those brownies…the icing separated from the bottom and the pan flipped…so I only took about half the amount requested. Also they looked like they were cut by a 5-year-old. I managed to get them there by the 1:00 deadline and go back to the market for my table. I went back to the library to get my plate by the designated time….they asked if I wouldn’t come back at 5:00 for the Winner Announcements. Soooo back home, cleaned up FAST, packed some beer in a cooler for the Belton Folk Festival, and back to the library. This is where my luck changed. I won 1st place, Chef’s Choice, Adult Division for the Kahlua Brownies! Thank you Sally P for providing the recipe! Nice surprise and a nice gift certificate too! IMG_1190IMG_1187  


Feeling flush with success, I headed to the music festival…very cool and Woodstockish in a Belton, TX sort-of-way. I liked it a lot…and the Bluemoon beer. While I was there I dropped my phone so when I got home to see Len just came in from a week in AZ, I immediately was in the dog house for losing it. I did not do it on purpose after all. Sooooo, he reluctantly went back with me….it had already been found and life became good again. I am glad that week is over…even after winning the Chef’s Choice, Number 1, Adult Division prize. I like saying that. so much for humility.

New Carnival Look as a Result of Full Moon?

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Ok, for a week I have been down right giddy over my new straight hair. I made the mistake of loving it too much and the hands of fate kicked me in the beeeehind. I went in to get color for my ‘roots’. Edward was feeling spunky and extra creative, I think because of full moon. He said he was going to warm up my hair….yeeeeeeeees, it worked. For the second time in my life, I have Ronald McDonald hair color….as Kenny, salon mate of Edward’s said, it is ‘chica caliente payaso‘ (translated literally–hot clown girl)…at 63, maybe not what I need. To credit both Edward and me, I spoke frankly of my concern or trauma. And to Edward’s credit, he didn’t take a curling iron to me….he took an additional hour and tried to skin the color off. Well. It is still very, very orange. I wouldn’t want to make him feel bad about it…but it just isn’t the look I am after. My skin tones are way too pale…and I think it is almost garish. As Edward and Mac, chair neighbor, said, it is just hair. And they are right. IMG_1179

Now what I worry about is that I will be struck dead before 5 weeks pass…Len will have a big fancy funeral with an open casket and even the paid mourners will stop, gawk, and roll their eyes… I will have to be cremated. The good news is that I am traveling a lot so only strangers will notice the big, older woman with fire red hair. It IS only hair. So in 5 weeks, right before Mexico, I go back. By then, I may be lovin’ it….(fat chance). Or, I may humbly request it be brought to former color…what if THAT doesn’t turn out?

I must NOT dwell on such superficial, narcissistic notions. So, on to my introduction to new best friend, Kim, the henna tattoo artist in Austin. I have spoken with her 4 times tonight…commiserating on just what kind of henna tattoo I need. —besides new hair…..I have settled on a conservative depiction of the Hand of Fatima or IMG_1173 Hand of Hamsa or Hamesh or Miriam, depending on your background. I am going to love this tattoo gal. In addition to doing henna, she teaches hooping, poi dancing, and henna….and wears glitter every day. I am IN for any and all….I don’t have to go to 6th street for the henna either…she will make house calls or will do it at her home. Belinda wants to come and watch. Kim, artist, says that she has had no allergic reactions in 13 years and she has done pregnant bellies, 3 year-olds, and chemo patients! She makes the henna at her home–all organic–etc. This will be an adventure. I want it in front so I can see it, reasonably sized, and on a part of my body that won’t ‘fweak’ out the workplace. Len may go TDY more often once he sees these new looks or when I ask him to help me plan a poi (fire) dancing recital. He just thought the dirndl-wearing, Oktoberfest was excessive. He is a nice man and patient, too.

Cher Hair — Soon a braid!

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The long-awaited Brazilian Blow-out happened. Four hours of sitting while my hair was painted with something then ironed flat in tiiiiiiiiiiiny sections with a flat iron. Worse still, I had to leave my hair absolutely as it was for three days. I couldn’t even put it behind my ears, no pony tail, no sun glasses on top of my head. If I did, it would bend my hair for the next 12 weeks. That is how long this is supposed to last. I mean it, my hair is BONE straight. Move over Cher! Although it looks reeeeeeealllly long, I still can’t braid it the way I want because of the top part. I must beg Edward not to cut the top until I get the braid. IMG_1164 IMG_1166

More from Oklahoma: LINN Training and Lovin’ my Cousins!

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IMG_0175.JPGIMG_0173.jpg So, I have had two very nice days observing trainers and incredibly cooperative participants in the OKC LINN (Living in the New Normal) training. All went very well with all 35 of the participants.   

Friday after the training was complete and all the boxes were ready for FEDEX, I headed to Guthrie to see two of my dear cousins. Janie and Shirley….Janie’s Joe was out building a duck blind so we had full throttle monologues going on simultaneously…no easy feat but we did it. Jane whipped up an incredible meal which she can do blindfolded and with no effort. I tell her I would have to have a mobile, IV valium drip to be able to do what she does. Just about the time we were sitting down to eat, the next generation of ‘kids’ came barreling in. All boys belonging to Jane’s two daughters, Kelly (with 3) and Tiffany (with 1). I mean these are all precious little high energy lads. So after some happy snaps, we went on two fields trips– to Kelly and Tiffany’s homes….both wonderful. These are some lucky gals.


We had so much fun…it is sort of bitter sweet. Clearly, I am NOT parent material but when I see all that love it makes me wish I had been…well sort of wish it. At any rate, we laughed, shared recipes, swapped recollections, and say we will rendezvous in Dallas so we can see our Aunt Justine and cousin, Diana. I hope I can nag enough to make it happen. Mom is so excited to hear every word and see the photos. I am going home tomorrow so I will have a chance to show and tell.

IMG_0180 IMG_0181

Salado Floods Again!

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Poor little village. We have had our share of weather…it is either tornado activity, flat line winds, or mega flooding. All the flooding happened while I was in Oklahoma City. The water was up 30 feet higher than last year! There is strong likelihood that this is in part caused by the quarries upstream in the Florence area.

It just started raining when I was taking off from the GRK airport…and it just didn’t stop. Len would report in and I thought he was exaggerating. NOT! Our friend Barbara’s house didn’t escape damage this year. They had water halfway up the garage…needless to say their house has now been gutted. I truly grieve for her. I wish I had something we could do that would make it better. When we lost all but one suitcase in the warehouse fire. it taught me the big lesson. All the things we really love…it really is just stuff. Not that made it easy…actually harder too because you know you are grieving for something transient. And, oh, I did hurt. There really isn’t anything anyone can do to make the loss easier. Also, I hear that 5 businesses will permanently close. IMG_0205.JPG IMG_0206.JPG Adelea’s restaurant had a fund raiser for victims that I didn’t get to attend since I was in San Antonio. I will go by the bank today and make a donation.

OKlahoma City Play Day

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I love OKC…..In the olden days I might have been an Osage princess or a OK Homestead Run Pioneer. If I was a pioneer woman, I would have been pitiful….I don’t think they gave pedicures on the homestead run…..never know though for sure.

I am whipped and will turn in early tonight…I had a big play day in OKC…visiting the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit early in the day….I can’t get over this glass. It is absolutely exquisite…IMG_0135IMG_0124  I visited an exhibit earlier in WA…where I first fell in love with the glass. It is so extraordinary. Today I learned that Chicago has a super display in a city garden. I would really like to see that. Then on the the Cowboy Hall of Fame….very nice. I enjoyed lunch there then a super outing at their museum shoppe. Oh my, I was so bad. I am not self-regulating much these days. I picked up the MCEC trainers and we went downtown to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It was a rainy windy and cold…making the memorial all the more somber.IMG_0159 IMG_0154  

Finally, home from a fun dinner with Julie C. and Patsy B. Now to wash my hair….a major endeavor.