Salado’s First…Adelea’s Farmer’s Market Grand Opening!

Today was the first-ever, Salado Farmer’s Market…I think. In my life, here, anyway. It has been organized by Jennifer and Kelly Angell who own Adelea’s Restaurant in ‘downtown’ Salado. Jennifer is a no-nonsense, bright, tenacious, charming little gal. She sets her head on something and it happens. I like that. Sooooo, I am one of the Board of Directors but I have served poorly. I am gone all the time. Fact is, I have only attended one board meeting. I write or call her often and try to back out graciously but she stands firm. Not getting loose from her yet!   IMG_0087

So today was the big day. I was there early and set up quickly although I had to go home to get a table…little things matter…like a table. Len came through wearing his Speedo outfit for the benefit of the ladies and then came back to help me take it all down. Very nice, very helpful.IMG_0097


There may have been about 12 vendors, maybe more…live music, locally grownherbs, vegetables, chicken and quail eggs, hand-made cheese, two honey vendors, a beef guy, and plants. Oh, and me…lavender girl. It was fun and popular. Kelly was whipping up his wood-burning oven and making very good looking pizzas and there were Bloody Mary’s to be had too. I am currently, avoiding the evil drink so I can get this weight off, but will tip a glass later in the fall. Anyway, Jennifer comes from a well-known and well-respected family with lots of friends and connections. Jennifer & Kelly also really marketed the event…articles in three newspapers plus TV coverage. OMG, there was a fabulous nanny goat there, too in a harnessed leash and wearing a pink tutu around her neck. I loved that goat. And of course, had my photo made with her…which was nice enough until she decided to go elsewhere or maybe she was trying to sit in my lap. At any rate, at one point, she had her little hooves on my shoulder. Little, sharp hooves.


I sold $215.00 dollars worth of lavender in 3.5 hours. Not bad. There were all kinds of Killeen folks there from the school district and that was fun too….

At 12:30 I had to close up shop and head to Austin so Edward, King of Hair, could fix my color. Later, I took my lengthy and freshly colored tresses to Central Market and Whole Foods and then home. Nice day and an opportunity to wear cool feather earrings! .

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