OKlahoma City Play Day

I love OKC…..In the olden days I might have been an Osage princess or a OK Homestead Run Pioneer. If I was a pioneer woman, I would have been pitiful….I don’t think they gave pedicures on the homestead run…..never know though for sure.

I am whipped and will turn in early tonight…I had a big play day in OKC…visiting the Oklahoma City Museum of Art to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit early in the day….I can’t get over this glass. It is absolutely exquisite…IMG_0135IMG_0124  I visited an exhibit earlier in WA…where I first fell in love with the glass. It is so extraordinary. Today I learned that Chicago has a super display in a city garden. I would really like to see that. Then on the the Cowboy Hall of Fame….very nice. I enjoyed lunch there then a super outing at their museum shoppe. Oh my, I was so bad. I am not self-regulating much these days. I picked up the MCEC trainers and we went downtown to visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial. It was a rainy windy and cold…making the memorial all the more somber.IMG_0159 IMG_0154  

Finally, home from a fun dinner with Julie C. and Patsy B. Now to wash my hair….a major endeavor.



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