Salado Floods Again!

Poor little village. We have had our share of weather…it is either tornado activity, flat line winds, or mega flooding. All the flooding happened while I was in Oklahoma City. The water was up 30 feet higher than last year! There is strong likelihood that this is in part caused by the quarries upstream in the Florence area.

It just started raining when I was taking off from the GRK airport…and it just didn’t stop. Len would report in and I thought he was exaggerating. NOT! Our friend Barbara’s house didn’t escape damage this year. They had water halfway up the garage…needless to say their house has now been gutted. I truly grieve for her. I wish I had something we could do that would make it better. When we lost all but one suitcase in the warehouse fire. it taught me the big lesson. All the things we really love…it really is just stuff. Not that made it easy…actually harder too because you know you are grieving for something transient. And, oh, I did hurt. There really isn’t anything anyone can do to make the loss easier. Also, I hear that 5 businesses will permanently close. IMG_0205.JPG IMG_0206.JPG Adelea’s restaurant had a fund raiser for victims that I didn’t get to attend since I was in San Antonio. I will go by the bank today and make a donation.


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