More from Oklahoma: LINN Training and Lovin’ my Cousins!

IMG_0175.JPGIMG_0173.jpg So, I have had two very nice days observing trainers and incredibly cooperative participants in the OKC LINN (Living in the New Normal) training. All went very well with all 35 of the participants.   

Friday after the training was complete and all the boxes were ready for FEDEX, I headed to Guthrie to see two of my dear cousins. Janie and Shirley….Janie’s Joe was out building a duck blind so we had full throttle monologues going on simultaneously…no easy feat but we did it. Jane whipped up an incredible meal which she can do blindfolded and with no effort. I tell her I would have to have a mobile, IV valium drip to be able to do what she does. Just about the time we were sitting down to eat, the next generation of ‘kids’ came barreling in. All boys belonging to Jane’s two daughters, Kelly (with 3) and Tiffany (with 1). I mean these are all precious little high energy lads. So after some happy snaps, we went on two fields trips– to Kelly and Tiffany’s homes….both wonderful. These are some lucky gals.


We had so much fun…it is sort of bitter sweet. Clearly, I am NOT parent material but when I see all that love it makes me wish I had been…well sort of wish it. At any rate, we laughed, shared recipes, swapped recollections, and say we will rendezvous in Dallas so we can see our Aunt Justine and cousin, Diana. I hope I can nag enough to make it happen. Mom is so excited to hear every word and see the photos. I am going home tomorrow so I will have a chance to show and tell.

IMG_0180 IMG_0181


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  1. I love you and your journal.

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