New Carnival Look as a Result of Full Moon?

Ok, for a week I have been down right giddy over my new straight hair. I made the mistake of loving it too much and the hands of fate kicked me in the beeeehind. I went in to get color for my ‘roots’. Edward was feeling spunky and extra creative, I think because of full moon. He said he was going to warm up my hair….yeeeeeeeees, it worked. For the second time in my life, I have Ronald McDonald hair color….as Kenny, salon mate of Edward’s said, it is ‘chica caliente payaso‘ (translated literally–hot clown girl)…at 63, maybe not what I need. To credit both Edward and me, I spoke frankly of my concern or trauma. And to Edward’s credit, he didn’t take a curling iron to me….he took an additional hour and tried to skin the color off. Well. It is still very, very orange. I wouldn’t want to make him feel bad about it…but it just isn’t the look I am after. My skin tones are way too pale…and I think it is almost garish. As Edward and Mac, chair neighbor, said, it is just hair. And they are right. IMG_1179

Now what I worry about is that I will be struck dead before 5 weeks pass…Len will have a big fancy funeral with an open casket and even the paid mourners will stop, gawk, and roll their eyes… I will have to be cremated. The good news is that I am traveling a lot so only strangers will notice the big, older woman with fire red hair. It IS only hair. So in 5 weeks, right before Mexico, I go back. By then, I may be lovin’ it….(fat chance). Or, I may humbly request it be brought to former color…what if THAT doesn’t turn out?

I must NOT dwell on such superficial, narcissistic notions. So, on to my introduction to new best friend, Kim, the henna tattoo artist in Austin. I have spoken with her 4 times tonight…commiserating on just what kind of henna tattoo I need. —besides new hair…..I have settled on a conservative depiction of the Hand of Fatima or IMG_1173 Hand of Hamsa or Hamesh or Miriam, depending on your background. I am going to love this tattoo gal. In addition to doing henna, she teaches hooping, poi dancing, and henna….and wears glitter every day. I am IN for any and all….I don’t have to go to 6th street for the henna either…she will make house calls or will do it at her home. Belinda wants to come and watch. Kim, artist, says that she has had no allergic reactions in 13 years and she has done pregnant bellies, 3 year-olds, and chemo patients! She makes the henna at her home–all organic–etc. This will be an adventure. I want it in front so I can see it, reasonably sized, and on a part of my body that won’t ‘fweak’ out the workplace. Len may go TDY more often once he sees these new looks or when I ask him to help me plan a poi (fire) dancing recital. He just thought the dirndl-wearing, Oktoberfest was excessive. He is a nice man and patient, too.


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