A Good End to a Lousy Week

Ok, I am gettin’ a grip…and it is about time. I have been grouuuuuuuchy. This hair business has really been grim. Some observations follow:

  1. “It is a very interesting color.”
  2. “I think you qualify as a hair victim.”
  3. “You can wear a bandana.”
  4. “Were you out in the rain? Your head rusted!” This unsolicited comment from a Walmart greeter!

So this week was hellish and overbooked. All because I am compulsive and afraid I will miss something if I don’t say yes to all opportunities. Friday I did another digital photo book class for the Salado Library. Only 4 participants and that is the perfect number actually. Friday I was dressed and spiffed up as much as one can be wearing tons of make up to compensate for orange hair and ready with computer bag in hand. Got in my car and the battery was extra dead. OK, I am wearing big girl panties, I can cope. So I unloaded by gear and got in Len’s farm truck sans air conditioning–complete with dirt and leaves as he believes farm trucks should never have windows up. Hmmmmm. This will be all his fault if I think about it hard enough! Yes, and of course, he is still in AZ so he can’ rescue me like knights are supposed to do. I’m digressing. So, I get there and call AAA from the truck to come jump start my car. That was good thinking and done strictly on my own. Momentary gloating. The class went well and the AAA über towing vehicle was right on time and started the car presto. I love a man with 30 foot jumper cables.

Saturday I moved from victim to proud winner. I only made $36.00 selling lavender at the Farmers’ Market but $36.00 is more than I had before. There just weren’t many folks out–maybe because of the flood. Anyway, I loooooove selling stuff. I should have been in retail. Reminds me of Stephanie when she says, “I know retail.” Anyway, I packed up most of my wares then asked new chum, Jennifer to watch my table so I could go home and cut the brownies for the library’s Death by Chocolate event. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have participated but there weren’t too many people signed up and I feel like I need to support the library as a Board member even if it isn’t always convenient. Because I was in such a hurry, I hacked up those brownies…the icing separated from the bottom and the pan flipped…so I only took about half the amount requested. Also they looked like they were cut by a 5-year-old. I managed to get them there by the 1:00 deadline and go back to the market for my table. I went back to the library to get my plate by the designated time….they asked if I wouldn’t come back at 5:00 for the Winner Announcements. Soooo back home, cleaned up FAST, packed some beer in a cooler for the Belton Folk Festival, and back to the library. This is where my luck changed. I won 1st place, Chef’s Choice, Adult Division for the Kahlua Brownies! Thank you Sally P for providing the recipe! Nice surprise and a nice gift certificate too! IMG_1190IMG_1187  


Feeling flush with success, I headed to the music festival…very cool and Woodstockish in a Belton, TX sort-of-way. I liked it a lot…and the Bluemoon beer. While I was there I dropped my phone so when I got home to see Len just came in from a week in AZ, I immediately was in the dog house for losing it. I did not do it on purpose after all. Sooooo, he reluctantly went back with me….it had already been found and life became good again. I am glad that week is over…even after winning the Chef’s Choice, Number 1, Adult Division prize. I like saying that. so much for humility.


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