Do You Know the Way to San Jose? — Or Monterey?

I loved that song….That’s the way I started by MCEC cross-country tour. I left on September 28th and I won’t get back until October 11th…So, I flew in to San Jose then used a rented land rocket to drive to Monterey. I arrived at the Hilton Garden Inn just in time to go to dinner in the hotel then to bed. Next morning, I zipped over to Trader Joe’s so I could replenish my stash of TJ brand of Vietnamese Sesame Crepes….I figured I could get a couple of dozen in my carry on. Horrors! They have discontinued them! I didn’t take it well…already have emailed TJ corporate headquarters pleading with them to restock them. Nothing better in the world than these spread with the ever-popular Nutella, a little whipped cream, and a straw

IMG_0244 From Trader Joe’s I hit the CVS drug store in Pacific Grove so I could get hair accoutrements then on to Pacific Grove


for a 5 mile walk. I love, love, love that place. I like it more than Pebble Beach, but not more than Carmel. After a quick visit and lunch at Flaherty’s in Carmel, I headed back to the hotel to meet with the trainers, Tina and Ululani. We set up the room and then went out to dinner at the Fish Hopper at Cannery Row. The next two days I did coaching….I love this part of my work for MCEC. It is so gratifying and both Tina and Ululani were eager


learners. After the de-briefs with the gals, Ululani and I had a nice dinner then the next morning I took U to the airport at 4:50 am! It was good for me and I liked that I was up and attem’ and ready to meet Bill and Tanya at the Carmel Poodle Parade. OMG, this was such an experience. Every kind of poodle and poodle owner. After the parade, Bill took us to breakfast…then we went by their house so they could share one of their Monterey Aquarium Passes….we said our good byes…I went on to the aquarium and then to the Monterey Museum of Art to see an Ansel Adams exhibit.

A quick drive back to San Jose and dinner at a ‘fusion’ restaurant called Banana Leaf. I did go off my diet.

IMG_0259 IMG_0288 DSC06646 DSC06664


IMG_0324 IMG_0332IMG_0337  


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