Across the US and Down the Right (aka East) Side

I left San Jose at the crack of dawn….and sadly I didn’t get an upgrade…but I was so tired I slept all the way to Chicago. The upgrade was appreciated for the second half of the ride to Hartford though. I flew into CT as it was cheaper than into Albandy but harder. I met up with Sally P and we just grabbed our rental car and did a 1.5 hour drive to Albany. Once we got there we discovered that the airport was literally across the street. Bummer.

The next two days of observing were intense and made me realize why I like doing it so much. This IS what I am good at doing, or so I think. The training was at a regional service center. Reminded me of the old days at ESC Region 12. Oh so many years ago.IMG_0342They fed us GIANT cookies!

We didn’t really have any down time to do much but go out to eat one night at a local beef place…good food and good company. Right after the training concluded, Sally and I took the rental back to Hartford, spent the night at a Springfield Inn so we could leave the following morning. Another out at dawn flight to Jacksonville. Bill L meet me at the airport –then drove us to the sorriest Wyndham Hotel Conference Center where we stayed and also did the training. I loved watching IMG_0369 Bill and Ron do the LINN training…very good chemistry between them and good training skills. After the lads left on Friday I stayed over to meet Stephanie who drove over to Jacksonville from the Villages. We had two wonderful talk-till-you-drop days. One day over to St. Augustine….kind of disappointing but we did hit the Lightner Museum and did a trolly tour. But really it didn’t matter because all we do is talk and laugh. She is generally pretty patient with me…well sometimes.  Our big conversations focused on Never say Never.  Also how much I wish I could talk to Pam.  So that’s it…it has been a long 13 days and I don’t think I ever want to do that many observations back to back.  I sure did rack up the frequent flier miles though.  

IMG_0418.JPG  IMG_0393.JPG IMG_0395.jpg


One Response to “Across the US and Down the Right (aka East) Side”

  1. Of course I want to know how you PACKED for such a trip and how many suitcases you took….

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