Brain Fever, Missing Jewels, and Len’s Neck

I am a woman possessed. I have lost my real wedding ring, a platinum ring, and my favorite gold bracelet. Maybe not lost, rather hidden by me from me. This is becoming a common practice but this time I am sick that I have really hidden them too well. I remember doing this right before I left for the MCEC trans-continental tour. I had this fear that someone would break in and steal them….just a wee bit paranoid for no good reason. In fact for two days I didn’t even realize the gold bracelet was also MIA, then slowly it came back to me about the hiding. Sooooooo, I have gutted our bedroom, my bathroom, and my closet. The good news is that in the process I have purged my closet and polished all my boudoir silver. That much I like very much.

In my attempt to focus, I have taken all my ring guards and put them in a little organdy sack. With full thoughtfulness I have hung the sack around my statue of St. Anthony…even lit three candles. I KNOW I will find them but when? DSC06679.jpg

Another down side to hiding things—Len may soon want to help me search. I hate it when he starts hunting….the questioning and the interrogations and the hot lights.

He has been to the doctor and it appears he may need more surgery. I hope not.  Both of his arms are numb and his physician thinks that the neck may need more fusing of upper vertebrae. He is riding in Lance Armstrong’s Ride for the Roses this Sunday if it isn’t raining. He wants to do 67 miles for his age. I guess he is just like the Energizer Bunny. He just keeps going. I admire that about him.


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