Henna Tattoo, Grooming, and Masks

Ok, planning/packing for Day of Dead in San Miguel. Last year we did not take Halloween candy and I semi-wished we had some for the tiny tots not the 10 year olds and up. So yes, I am going to get cheapish pencils or stickers and I will eat the candy…actually I started eating it last night. I did look through last year’s book….Jackie told me she liked my hair last year. I might take the book and show Edward who is a loooooove but is still on my Poopy List since I don’t think he is talking to me. ANYWAY, It looks like I wore jeans and kaki pants and shirts. How boring. Must throw in a couple of showbizzy outfits just so if Sally H ever sees photos she won’t be disappointed in my costume selections. Oh, sunscreen and hat….Robt de Gast, my photography tutor reminded me of altitude….it only bothered me when walking up to one place we stayed near the Botanica.

Going for my henna tattoo today. I usually swear to do no major hair or face treatments prior to trips…not to imply that the tattoo will be on my face—but really where? Kim, tattoo artist, who wears glitter every day of her life, hence my trust in her capabilities, said it needs to be on a fleshy part of my body. OK, so that means my stomach, cheeky-behind, or bosom. Hmmmm. But perhaps I will want to show people and see it myself…so maybe it will have to be on my marginally fleshy forehead…I am so blind. Len suggests I do not put on bosom or cheeky behind….he knows what a show off I am. Back to grooming scheduling….so what did I do? I scheduled never-before henna tattoo a week out in case of allergic reaction. In addition, BUT DUMBLY, microdermabrasion two days before and hair color the day before we leave. The pedicure three days before, surely that can’t cause too much furor. Unless I wear my new silver polish. I have it on today. Very heavy metal, I think.

I located 5 masks that I bought last year at a stripper store that Edward sent me to. They will be packed in the suitcase unless I am told by compatriots not to bother! I think I will take a photo and send them out prior to trip.

This week I am going to meet a woman from SMdA who goes to St. Paul’s. She speaks very little English and is living here for 6 weeks so she can continue to receive her late husband’s social security.

I wonder if the B12 Belinda recommended could make me hyper? Is that why I am so chatty this morning?


One Response to “Henna Tattoo, Grooming, and Masks”

  1. Sally H INSISTS on seeing photos of tattoo wherever it lands and heavy metal nails along with le costume de jour for every day in SMdA so she can be ever more jealous not to be along for the laughs. Pouting.

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